Only Idiot Leftists Could Destroy Beautiful British Columbia: The Port of Vancouver disaster Was the DIRECT Result of idiotic Left-Wing Politics – November 18, 2021,

There’s this myth in Canada, that Alberta got lucky or hit the jackpot when it discovered oil and instantly became the richest province in Canada, the truth of the matter is British Columbia should have easily been Canada’s richest province, you could have installed made a monkey dictator of British Columbia during the same period in which Alberta found oil and B.C would have flourished.

Now, I like to talk about B.C having direct access to China, but let’s ignore China for a moment, what about Japan? America is our largest trading partner, but Canadians love things made in Japan, let’s add South Korea to that list, had it not been for Left-Wing politics dominating beautiful British Columbia, there would have been THOUSANDS of industrious people with an INCENTIVE to make sure that The Port of Vancouver disaster never happened.

This is not so much a natural disaster, it’s government mismanagement of resources because after all, the taxes most of us pay, go to fattening the pockets of politicians and UNNECESSARY public servants. In B.C the Government finds money for “Safe injection sites” and puts these “Safe injection sites” in affluent neighborhoods? With children around? Who does that? I know who idiot leftists.

The productive men and women in Canada’s forest industry, attacked over and over and over again by lazy pieces of shit who claim to be environmentalists. These so-called environmentalists are often smokers and they leave cigarette butts everywhere, sometimes we have to ask if Forrest fires are natural or if it was a smoker who caused it? Now, when there’s financial incentive to maintain the forests you better believe the great people of B.C will work their asses off to make sure nothing happens to their industry.

The productive people of B.C have been under attack for decades now, a lot of people who work in Alberta, are originally from British Columbia. What keeps Alberta wealthy has little to do with the Oil and more to do with the ECONOMIC POLICIES! Luckily for Alberta, their provincial leaders allowed the oil and gas industry to flourish, otherwise, it would probably resemble most eastern provinces.

It’s painful to observe what’s happened to British Columbia, it’s never too late, but decades of Left-Wing politics and this push for this idiotic corporate welfare climate change agenda, it’s unlikely that the people of B.C or Canadians, in general, will learn anything from this disaster. The reason why I wish a secession movement would grow in Canada is that Left-wingers destroy everything, do not think for a moment that Left-Wingers won’t be okay with a lower standard of living.

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I’ve done charity work in third-world countries, and there are even lazy people there. Some humans are just lazy and under a democracy, lazy people can vote to destroy the livelihoods of productive people. That’s how this works, if you do not understand that, the next time you travel the world, do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with the locals.

Most people travel the world stay in a resort and might only meet the most productive and hardworking people of a country, do yourself a favor and do some charity work, you’ll learn very quickly that poverty starts in the mind and manifests itself by a lack of action. Left Wingers reward bad behavior, they do this because they want to rule over you with an iron fist.

You stop this by emigrating or secession, there’s no need for war and there’s no need to imagine that these people want to change, many will be like this for the rest of their lives, it’s just what it is. Let’s pray for B.C and do our part to help our fellow countrymen. Oh by the way, please do our research before concluding this disaster was caused by political-climate-change. Most of these areas shouldn’t have been inhabited in the first place, they were inhabited primarily because of the economic POTENTIAL, which means that CONSTANT maintenance should have been a TOP priority.

Maintenance stops becoming a priority when resources are diverted by the government to social justice initiatives, furthermore, as a Christian, I was very disappointed when the B.C government ignored Christian churches being burned to the ground.

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Interesting times ahead