oohilove.com Review Is It a Scam

Well apparently its time for old folks like myself to move on over to the side and allow these new forms of auctions to move in and make their money. I’m not anti capitalism but honestly I don’t like penny auctions, I personally feel as though they’re deceptive marketing gimmicks that hurt more than they help and by hurt I mean obviously there will be more losers than there are winners. That being said I will be reviewing Oohilove.com from my perspective and I will explain the reason why I don’t like the Penny auction Model.

Oohilove.com and The Penny Auction Model

The reason why I don’t like penny auction’s is because nothing is really a penny the penny is merely there to give the consumer thee illusion that items are being auctioned off for a few cents but the reality in the case of oohilove.com is nothing is being auctioned off for less than .99cents. Also another thing I must point out is the bid packs. The lowest priced bid pack at Oohilove is the 30 Bid Pack: which costs $29.99 USD. So to say that you came away winner in that instance you would have had to have won an item that costs more than $30.

If You sign up for OohIlove.com do it just to have fun

Personally I don’t like penny auction websites I think if people had financial education they would never use any of these things but hey that’s only my opinion. When you see the auction price moving up at Oohilove.com by 1 cent its really just an illusion the 1 cent in reality could have been replaced with points, tokens apples or oranges. The bid price in reality move up by 99 cents per bid placed so 3 bids which looks to be 0.30(thirty cents) is actually $30.00 but of course OohIlove.com wouldn’t market it like this because then no one would join.

Penny Auctions from view is nothing more than a marketing gimmick so if you’re going to sign up my advice is to do so just to have fun because people can lose and leave the site empty handed. Well that’s all I have to say about that. If you want to sign up for Oohilove.com don’t let me stop you just don’t say I didn’t warn you

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