OpinionForCash.com Review – Is it a scam?

Opinion for Cash of OpinionForCash.com is a website that offers another money-making opportunity online. Its spokesperson Kimberly Robbins claims that by signing up, you will be given an opportunity to earn money within the comfort of your own home simply by doing things that you normally do for free. Some of the things that you will be paid to do for Opinion for Cash include shopping, watching movies, and many more.

More about Opinion for Cash

The money-making opportunity provided by Opinion for Cash is a classic example of market research. Many companies are willing to pay individuals who will provide them with their opinion. These opinions will then be used for coming up with a better product/service or for improving their current line of products. Oftentimes, these companies partner with other companies who will then seek for consumers who are willing to do try out products or answer surveys.

Signing up in Opinion for Cash is not free. If you want to get started with it, you must be willing to pay $89 or $44.95 if you avail of their current 50% discount. Other than providing your opinion for cash, the website also provides training materials for internet marketing.

Final thoughts on OpinionForCash.com

This website has a number of warning signs that will tell you that it’s more of a scam than a legit money-making site. One of these is having to pay them in exchange for your opinion. Basically, you shouldn’t be paying these companies as it should be the other way around. Also, the other training materials provided by the website will tell you that the site is more than just for market research.

Be careful when signing up for this kind of websites as you may find yourself frustrated with their empty promises. You also have to know that giving of opinion for these companies will only pay you a dollar or two and thus, this doesn’t make it a good replacement for your full time job.

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