OpinionOutpost Review Is It a Scam

Opinion Outpost Review

Opinion Outpost Review

When joining a survey program first thing you want to know is if this program is free. Rule number one when getting into surveys is Never pay to join a survey program. Also never pay to join a survey directory website. Another thing i want to point out is that i have never made more than $5 per survey. I’ve been doing surveys since 1999 and never have i ever done a survey that paid me more than $5 per survey so any company making that claim i would be careful with dealing with them as many have found out that nothing like that exists online.

What i’ve found is that websites making that claim about there web survey software or program usually are survey directories. A survey directory is a directory of survey websites. It can have thousands of survey programs and many times many of the programs listed are either out dated or in some cases they are scams. It’s quite easy to start your own survey company a simple search of ‘survey software’ or survey software review in google bing or yahoo would show you a bunch of results. That’s mainly the reason people do research on survey companies before joining them they ant to see if it will be worth their time.

Opinion Outpost Reveiwed

OpinionOutpost.com is a legit company they do pay but, it does depend on quite a few factors such as location. if you don’t live in Canada or the United States i wouldn’t bother joining. United States residents can expect to make the most money. Also mothers and fathers can expect to make the most money. Also your demographic can play a role in how many offers you receive. Living in upstate New York there was a time when a time when i would receive allot of offers daily to the point i didn’t complete some of the offers this was not all the time but like say a Christmas, thanksgiving, Easter or spring break these times can get busy.

if you don’t log into your account for three month’s there’s a good chance it will be terminated so make sure you check your accounts at least weekly.

Is Opinion Outpost a scam?

I hear all types of here says online but i’ve had a good experience with them many times when people call something a scam you maybe it was something they did or maybe it was where they lived maybe they didn’t follow instructions or maybe they got scammed i’m not sure but i never got scammed by opinion outpost and i recommend you use them or give them a try. If however you don’t live in Canada or the United States i wouldn’t try them or even attempt to join.

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