OptionBit.com review – Is it a scam?

To start lets make it clear that OptionBit.com is legit and not a scam. What people might be concerned with however is that the minimum deposit amount for Option Bit is $200. This is minimum actually norm in Binary options and if you take the advice being given by Option bit into consideration and trade properly chances are you will be in profit.

Personal thoughts regarding OptionBit.com

Now obviously when it comes to Binary Options my choice is clear I prefer Empire Option reason being is they’re very liquid their platform is easy to use and when you compare their platforms to others it’s clear why people prefer their services. OptionBit is a good platform and if you feel comfortable using them I’ll say there’s no reason stop now. Just when I compare the two my preference without question is Empire Option.

Final thoughts regarding OptionBit.com

Good, reliable, trustworthy and one of the best binary option platforms online. I would also like to comment on their training platform which was well done compared to some of the other binary option training platforms I’ve seen, you’re in good hands with Option bit and for the record again NO! they’re not scam. If you can handle the risk associated with binary options get involved and try to remember that most of the people that do very well are those that understand their platform and keep up to date. Wish you all the best

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