Ottawa residents and businesses are hoping to sue the Freedom Convoy Organizers for more than $300 million in damages; why no Lawsuit against Justin Trudeau? – September 3, 2022,


Just in case people forgot, yes, the Freedom Convoy Protestors’ money is still frozen, and a reminder that Canadians are still under strict Covid-19 protocols even though the scientific evidence suggests otherwise. Because of the strict covid-19 protocols, Canada has shortages of health care professionals NATIONWIDE because some have retired, others have refused to get vaccinated, and others are suffering burnout because they have to work under Justin Trudeau’s strict Federal government mandates.

Now to put this in its proper context, the Freedom Convoy revolved around REMOVING these ridiculous Federal Government mandates that are causing pain for MILLIONS of Canadians, many of who WERE productive members of society prior to Justin Trudeau turning them into criminals. This blog focuses primarily on money and economics, so in this post, I wanted to focus on the Ottawa Lawsuit.

I don’t know Canadian law as it pertains to this specific case, but I find it hard to believe that based on the Prime Ministers’ prior actions dating back to 2020, the people of Ottawa can sue the organizers of the Freedom Convoy because Justin Trudeau set precedence by going out of his way to attend the Black Lives Matter protests in June 2022, and Justin Trudeau didn’t waste any time doing so, he made sure he attended the rally early on not to avoid any potential racist stigma which would have been attacked to him had he not attended.

Justin Trudeau takes a knee at Black Lives Matter demonstration on Parliament Hill - June 6, 2020

Justin Trudeau takes a knee at Black Lives Matter demonstration on Parliament Hill – June 6, 2020

When Justin Trudeau did this, one could argue he nipped a problem in the bud, and the Black Lives Matter protestors soon disbanded once it came to their attention that the Prime Minister of Canada was sympathetic to their cause. The key word in all of this is the Prime Minister of CANADA, not the Prime minister of Left-wing ideologues, Justin Trudeau, whether he likes it or not, is the Prime Minister of all of Canada, and he set precedence on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, that he was willing to meet with protestors, who may not agree with him.

Justin Trudeau attends a Black Lives Matter demonstration on Parliament Hill  June 6, 2020

Justin Trudeau attends a Black Lives Matter demonstration on Parliament Hill June 6, 2020

This was well documented, and it’s one of the reasons why I’d be curious to know what happens with this lawsuit some Ottawa residents have decided to throw in the direction of the Convoy Protest organizers because, in many ways, they’re suing the wrong people, during no period did Justin Trudeau attempt to meet with the protestors, Justin Trudeau as you’ll notice during the Black Lives Matter protest, was heavily guarded, because after all the Black Lives Matter protest, was a protest AGAINST the Canadian government, but he attended it anyway?


Justin Trudeau takes a knee at Black Lives Matter demonstration on Parliament Hill |

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Now, as we know Black Lives Matter the organization appears to have revolved around its organizers using the money to enrich themselves, Patrisse Cullors is now a real estate mogul, and there’s now another story about Shalomyah Bowers siphoning over $10 million in “fees” to his own Bowers’s consulting firm? Lucky for Black Lives Matter, they get the Innocent until proven guilty treatment, whereas with the Convoy Protestors, it’s the complete opposite.

Black Lives Matter leader accused of siphoning off $10 million |

With Convoy protestors, they’re guilty until proven innocent, and in my opinion, that’s the main reason why these residents opted to sue the Convoy Protestors instead of the Federal Government. It’s so far been proven that Ottawa Police could have arrested all of the COnvoy Protestors WITHOUT the emergencies act; this si something I’ve written about several times; why aren’t they being sued?

Sure the scene at Parliament Hill regarding the Convoy Protestors looked ugly when it happened, but the police could have done that WITHOUT the emergencies Act; we all know why they didn’t do it because if you listen to the reasoning behind the use of Force, it all revolved around Ottawa Polices INABILITY to Tow any of the Trucks.

Now, the trucks honking their horns could have been stopped had Justin Trudeau made an appearance, which he refused to do. Had Trudeau at least made an appearance as he did with the Black Lives Matter protestors, now we’re talking about something entirely different. To the best of my knowledge, there needs to be a human inside to Honk a Truck horn. The municipal police could have arrested all of the truckers anytime they wanted to; the borders were secure WITHOUT the use of the Emergencies Act. And the police could have simply continued to ticket the trucks even if the truckers inside were arrested and they couldn’t get any company to tow the trucks.

Lastly, The Convoy Organizers are struggling to get $450,000; where would they find $300,000,000? Their money was frozen, and the evidence suggests this problem all stems from the municipal government of Ottawa and the Federal government of Canada; what I’m getting at here is that all of this screams political; I don’t even think the Ottawa Residents looking to sue, genuinely believe they’re going to get this money, what this appears to be in my opinion is to tie the Convoy Protestors up in legal matters, to bankrupt them.

This has been the primary tactic of Trudeau’s government when it relates to Rebel Media; Rebel Media has constantly had to engage in crowdfunding to avoid bankruptcy because the Federal Government constantly bombarded them with lawsuits, which for most people leads to them giving up their fight altogether. So in closing, I’m curious to see how any judge would rule in this case, but in general, this lawsuit appears more political than it does substantive, but it’s a legal case I will be paying close attention to.

Convoy organizers want funds unfrozen to pay for role in upcoming inquiry | TheHill

Interesting times ahead