The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Ottawa’s interim Tyrannical police chief Steve Bell says Police Officers who support protest ‘will be dealt with accordingly,’ (Should Ottawa Police break their oath to make Steve Bell happy?) – February 15, 2022,

So yeah, don’t expect these tyrants to give up easily, they want your soul and Steve Bell has that tough-sounding “tone” and I’m sure he’s going to flex his muscles the moment he gets the chance. With that said, when Steve does his whole schtick to motivate his troops, will they obey? I’m sure some will, after all, Trudeau has assumed the role of idiot dictator, with the power to do nothing.

The “emergency act” was recently enacted and well, if I’m, to be honest, I don’t know what that means, but this will be educational, Justin Trudeau claims to care about the economy, well, the clocks ticking on his dictatorial rule, because in case you’re unaware dictators usually have horrible economies, the Taliban kicked Russia’s ass when Russia tried to invade them. If people forget both Africa and India were at one point colonized, well, the continent of Africa and the nation of India kicked out their European oppressors.

Tyrants have to rule by fear, and if you rule by fear, you’re playing with fire, because although there’s this narrative about how docile the black slaves were, the reality of the slave trade is far different, pirates, slave rebellions, the killing of the slave master, humans are inherently rebellious when people feel impoverished they’ll do all sorts of things to their tyrannical “masters” like poison them as an example.

Russia, Cuba, North Korea, these dictatorships have to rule with brutal force because humans don’t like to be told what to do. It’s how we’re wired, there are still people walking around on this planet that REFUSE to be CIVIL. So when you have a Civil Ottawa Police Force that simply wants to follow the law, I mean yea, sure Officer Steve can do what he does, but the officers have rights, I’m pretty sure they’re unionized and well, clearly the timing of Steve Bell coincides with Trudeau’s emergency act.

I have no real view on the matter, all of this is new to me, I’m going to have to process this information as it comes. If I were a police officer, I’m not breaking my oath for Steve Bell, I like to sleep well at night. I’m a believer in Karma, I’m not going to arrest a peaceful protestor, out of fear of losing my job. I’m not doing it, I’d rather quit, it’s one of the reasons why I don’t like young people going into debt.


Cops are people too, and there are 3 types of cops I worry about, cops in debt, cops willing to do anything to further careers, and adrenaline junkies. I’ve met some cops and some of them love action, and like taking orders, they might not even remember taking an oath, police are human, I hope the protestors don’t react and I hope the police officers don’t overreact.

What’s interesting to me are Steve Bell’s words, he sounds like he’s in a hurry because the clocks ticking on Trudeau’s dictatorial powers, I have to take Bell’s words seriously, but… Ottawa Police don’t have to take him seriously, because I as well as many other Canadian patriots know this too shall pass, and each individual police officer has to ask themselves what part of history do they want to be on?

What incentive is there for any Ottawa Police officer to make Trudeau who refused to talk with the peaceful protesters look good? Trudeau’s cowardness has lowered the morale of all police officers in this country, who now have to work twice as hard because Justin Trudeau imagined it BENEATH HIM to talk with the PEACEFUL protestors. Without speaking with the protestors Trudeau invoked the “Emergency Act”?

That’s like me GOING OUT OF MY WAY to make a mess and telling you to clean it up for me? and oh, by the way, these peaceful protestors I’d be arresting, yeah, Trudeau nationalized the banks, and crypto so these people won’t be able to defend themselves in court.

I’m sorry I’d rather quit or exhaust all my sick days, if I can catch covid, I’m catching covid, and then when I’m asked to go out, I’m accepting the fact that I could be fired, as an employee for financial reasons I’d rather get fired than quit. I’d pray to God to get me some real criminals to arrest and I’d take my sweet time arresting them.

If I’m a cop in Ottawa that’s my thinking, no way in hell, am I selling my soul to Justin Trudeau. I’ll be observing what happens in the next few days, this is all new, but very educational for me. I’ve never been one to talk bad about illegal aliens because you never know when you just might have to flee your country of origin. It only takes one bad leader and some minion followers to destroy a once-great nation.

Trucker protests: Officers who support protest ‘will be dealt with accordingly,’ interim chief says

Interesting times ahead