The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Over 1 million Canadians live in America? 60 percent of GiveSendGo donors to the “Adopt-a-Trucker” page were Canadian and 37 percent were American (Emergency Act Overreach) – February 17, 2022,


You have to put the Emergencies Act enacted by Justin Trudeau in its proper perspective, first and foremost, we’ve seen Justin Trudeau negotiate with what could be considered terrorists who were funded by foreign organizations during the pipeline protests, which actually led to things like energy shortages. The Emergency Act wasn’t used during this period and these groups were crowdfunded, in fact, all Canadians are being forced to finance a carbon tax and we have no idea where the money is going? Because last time I checked, Canada isn’t exactly a Green Energy manufacturing powerhouse?

‘Critical’ propane shortage in Quebec forces companies to ration supplies |
Hospitals, farms and homes may not get enough fuel as suppliers have ‘no other options’ with rail links closed off

For many of us the main problem we have with the Emergency Act is what Chrystia Freeland said, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland have basically Nationalized Canadian banks? Meaning that it will be very difficult for opponents of Justin Trudeau to defend themselves. All Canadians have their right to defend themselves in a court of law but imagine, your bank account was frozen because you gave money to GiveSendGo to support the Truckers?

You have to remember that Chrystia Freeland also instructed banks to take back their credit card loans from some of these individuals, now this is devastating? Your money supply shut off because your politics disagree with Justin Trudeau?

Now of course supporters of Justin Trudeau, imagine this dictator to be a smart politician, but we’re going to have allowed this thing to play out to see if it’s true, because almost every lie Justin Trudeau has told is being exposed. Now, to my surprise, only 37 percent of the donors to the Canadian Convoy were American, which surprised me, because you have to understand the STATE of California has more people than all of Canada so I’d assume at least a 50/50 split, furthermore, a lot of Justin Trudeau VOTERS live in Florida, people tend to forget how many Snowbirds live in the United States.

How many undocumented Canadians live in the United States? |
“Approximately 60,000 Canadians currently live undocumented in the USA,” tweeted Bush, a Missouri Democrat, Sept. 23. “You don’t see the militarized presence, cops on horseback, and calls for a wall on that border. The issue has never been about immigration. It’s about anti-Blackness and racism.”

The number of DOCUMENTED Canadians who live in the United States is about 800,000, however, there are UNDOCUMENTED Canadians living in the United States, which bring that total way above 1 million, I imagine that total has since raised since Canada took such a tyrannical approach to Covid-19. I have friends that moved to various U.S States, haven’t been back to Canada since, now I don’t know their LEGAL status in the United States, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t renounced their citizenship.

If you know anything about Canadians who frequently travel to the United States, they often don’t take their illegal status in America that seriously, well maybe that’s about to change, now that Trudeau’s government is Nationalizing Canada’s private banks?

Canadian Immigrants in the United States |
Presently, there are about 800,000 Canadians in the United States.

The way Trudeau is attempting to frame the Freedom Convoy protestors is that they’re “Insurrectionists” some of the words Trudeau’s staff are using sound like they’re taking their marching orders from Joe Biden. If I’m, to be honest, you’re starting to hear the nervousness in Trudeau’s voice when he speaks. He’s beginning to sound like a broken man, but tyrants, rarely give up power easily, instead, tyrants tend to double down and that’s what we’re observing from Trudeau, who “jokingly” said he admires China’s Basic dictatorship

Trudeau, who refused to meet with protestors he doesn’t agree with, was the man who not only mocked India with his costumes and racist blackface but also tried to virtue signal when the Indian government had their own challenges of blockades, has now taken more drastic authoritarian measures towards his political enemies?

Trudeau panned for invoking emergency powers to quell truckers strike in Canada — after he supported farmers blockade in India |

What are we to make of all of this? Well, if I’m, to be honest, I had written last year, that it would be to Justin Trudeau’s benefit to LOSE the 2021 election, on this blog several articles were written claiming that Erin O’Toole would be the next Prime Minister of Canada, why? Because the assumption was, that Justin Trudeau would be as lucky as his father, escaping politics, before the economy took a turn for the worst.

Instead, Trudeau won the 2021 election and now, he owns everything, he will go down in history as the WORST Canadian Prime Minister of all time and I remind the reader, that the Liberal Party of Canada was DYING because of corruption until Trudeau came along. In case people forgot, The Sponsorship Scandal DESTROYED Liberal Party member Paul Martin, The Liberals couldn’t recover, what brought the Liberals back was the “Trudeau” Brand.

Members of my family still love Pierre Trudeau, they voted for Trudeau’ with exuberance in 2015, how do they feel about Trudeau now? I couldn’t tell you, but what I can tell you is that government-freezing law-abiding Canadian bank accounts because they have differing political views is NEVER popular in the long term. I don’t think most Canadians have fully digested what Trudeau has done yet, but they’ll figure out once the stories end up on the media.

You have to remember that a lot of the donors on average contributed a little over $70, so these aren’t rich people, most are working-class people. This more than anything will cause a lot more Canadians NOT to trust their government, which is a good thing because up until now, Canadians have loved BIG GOVERNMENT. When you’re in the eye of the storm emotions are high, but when the dust settles, more people are going to embrace Liberty.

Justin Trudeau’s ridiculous actions towards peaceful protestors are the EXACT reason why lovers of liberty push back against Big Government. Think about it, Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada invaded your privacy, because you donated to the Freedom Convoy? Meanwhile, Trudeau didn’t do this when climate change activists threatened the security of Canadians 3 years ago?

New leaked data shows most donors to ‘Adopt-a-Trucker’ GiveSendGo page were Canadian |

Interesting times ahead!