Over Fishing: While the idiots get scammed by Corporate Welfare Climate Change Agenda, The Chinese Communist Party is Killing Marine Life All Over the World – November 13, 2021,


What China is Doing to Kill Us All
| serpentza

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The China problem begins and ends with Labor Unions. Labor unions artificially raise prices for consumers and local Western businesses, which allows China to grow its economy. China not only manipulates its currency, but it also has far fewer regulations on businesses and it has a much lower cost of living because the only labor union in China is the Chinese Communist Party. The China threat goes away when western nations stop regulating local businesses out of existence.

Price inflation is the direct result of labor unions as well as financially ignorant people using Western governments to artificially raise the cost of energy, housing, and wages for the private and public workforces. It’s a stupid idea to make more money in wages if your cost of living is going to rise twice as much.

Stop the insanity now before the Chinese Communist Party destroys civilization.

Interesting times ahead!