Page Mako Review Is It a Scam

Hello, fellow affiliates

As many of us are learning especially in the world of PPC is that you need a squeeze page not only do you need a squeeze page but you need a squeeze page that gets the customers attention immediately. There are ALLOT of landing page software’s out there but the problem is most of them are either to complicated or they don’t have enough design options. I saw one selling the other day and i think it had only 6 different template sites and the guy wanted like $100 bucks I know it’s 2010 and it’s a recession but some of you have got to come better than that.

Anyway Page Mako i’m not going to spend to much time on this because Page Mako is very simple to use and one of the most thought out Landing Page scripts on the market today. The problem is how much does he want for it. At the moment he is charging $4.95 but it’s a 7 day trial offer. Personally i hate trial offers but it gives you the opportunity to make up your mind and try the product before making the big purchasing decision. There’s a video that shows the software in action and I must say it’s very impressive.

I do Pay per click and this is a very good resource to have, What i like the most is the drag and drop feature if your in the PPC market nowadays I highly recommend you have a video to capture the visitors attention if you don’t you better have a killer landing page what i’m getting at is the person who created this software obviously knows what he’s doing.

I’ve seen people have these software’s and have landing page SEO? lol why would you need to SEO a landing page is beyond me although it does sound nice landing pages in my opinion is geared for Pay Per Click that’s a completely different topic but PageMako is one of the best Landing Page Software that i’ve seen thus far. You can try before you buy personally I did not buy. There’s no way your getting $50.00 a month out of me for a landing page software, but if your interested try it out.

For the record I don’t write reviews just to get you to buy things I write my honest reviews of products and services and although PageMako is the best landing page software that i’ve seen to date it’s not worth the monthly charge “in my opinion”. However! Professional Pay Per Click users will find this service beneficial, by professional i mean those of you who easily double your investments in the PPC market on every campaign this is a service I would recommend to you.

If you just started Pay Per Click i would NOT recommend this service to you. Either way there is a trial but make sure you read the terms and conditions of the trial before signing up. Best wishes To You work hard work smart and success will find you in no time.

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