Paid Surveys Canada

When getting involved in paid surveys in Canada there’s two things to take a note of. First never pay a survey company or a survey directory to get paid to do surveys.


Because there is no guarantee that you will qualify to do any surveys also in general you shouldn’t have to pay to do online surveys especially when there are companies actively looking for participants to take online surveys. These companies will pay you to do surveys and signing up is free so just don’t do it.

Also this is just my recommendation when doing surveys is be smart these surveys well the ones i’ve taken may ask you the same question more than once so be smart when getting involved in online surveys.

Paid Survey’s in Canada Review

i’m sure there are more paid surveys websites in Canada but i will only talk about the ones that I know of. These Canadian Paid survey sites do work and do pay,  being that I live in Canada myself i can account for them paying on time. All of their surveys are not paid surveys, it’s ultimately up to you to pick and choose what surveys you want to do.

Paid Surveys Canada – NPD Research Panel

The first company is NPD Research panel(‘whenever I hear the name i always think NDP Research panel’) When you join the NPD Online Research Team
and complete your free member profile. Upon completion you will automatically be entered in a drawing for the chance to win $1,000! Just something to keep in mind.

Paid Surveys Canada – NPD Research Panel

One of the best and oldest Canadian survey companies online any survey directory you sign up with will direct you to this company to take online surveys.

Paid Surveys Canada – Web Perspectives

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