How to get paid doing surveys from home

Getting paid to do surveys from home is not as glamorous or as easy as most people might think. First of all the first thing you have to consider is your location. Now I know from experience that the predominantly English speaking countries have the best chance of success at getting paid to do online surveys so that eliminates allot of people right there. Secondly what many people forget is that you must qualify for to do surveys just signing up for online surveys don’t guarantee you anything Most of these larger companies are looking for a specific type of consumer.

What to expect from online surveys

The thing that will annoy many people about online surveys is that you must first qualify for the survey which sometimes might take up to 10 minutes just to complete. Another thing that might annoy people about most survey companies is that they take a while to pay you and also the fact that most of them have a payment threshold. However most of the people I meet that want to do online surveys just want to make some money or I should say most of them just want a check in the mail that says they made money from the internet. For people that want to make part time income online surveys are pretty good opportunities.

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How much money can I make doing online surveys?

Personally I’ve never made more than $5 for a survey and my all-time record for doing surveys in a day was around $100, that only happened because at the time I was signed up with allot of different survey companies I want to also point out that this happened around Christmas time. If you become an online surveyor you will notice an increase around the holidays for obvious reasons. Depending on what survey company you sign up with the average you will make per survey will be around $1 – $3.

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Survey companies serve their advertisers

Personally I recommend opening a separate email account when signing up for any survey company. Even though I can’t prove it I know that lots of survey companies sell people’s email addresses to their advertisers or corporate sponsors. Another thing I’ve been noticing is that survey companies are beginning to add freebies into their companies. Freebies usually cost money to participate in but on the flip side you can make money from completing freebie offers.

Final thoughts on getting paid doing surveys from home

Online surveys is a good way to make a par time income from home. Just don’t believe the hype you will not make thousands of dollars a month doing online surveys I’ve been making money online for over 11 years now and online surveys have never made me more than a thousand dollars in a month. Again I want to point out that you do have to qualify to even do a survey so try to get the thoughts of quick easy money out of your head.  Surveys can make you money but if you want to increase your chances I highly recommend signing up for more than one Survey Company.

To make things easier you might consider using a service like survey scout which is a survey directory of all the legit online paying survey companies. I want to again point out that survey scout is a directory and if you want to profit from it you will need to sign up with multiple survey companies. That’s what I did. I want to also point out that the survey industry is not as good now as used to be. There’s allot more competition now and survey companies are starting to ask for more from consumers.

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