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If you are looking to take online surveys for cash from legitimate sources you’ve found the right place. i’ve been taking online surveys going on 10 years now, I’ve graduated into blogging and other ways of making money now but survey taking has always been an online source of money for me. Personally i’ve never bumped into any company that will pay $100 per survey for every survey but I have ran into a company where you get $100 for a simple survey. This company unlike many others really does pay you cash.

In the early days of taking surveys allot of people used to scam the survey system, using bot softwares and other things. This caused majority of the legitimate survey companies to clamp down. Meaning the honest people had to pay for what the dishonest people were doing. Early on i used to get paid directly to my pay pal account after i did a survey now you have to reach a balance which is then verified before actually receiving your money.

This has caused somewhat of a decline in the survey taking community. but i understand it was necessary because imagine a company gives you money to get people to take a survey and then the company pays money to the survey company only to find out that the people in the survey company wre using cheat software. This will cause major corps to look elsewhere for there business and this is the main reason why survey companies have in many ways clamped down.

Never Pay To Get Paid To Take Legitimate Surveys

there are plenty of websites claiming that you can make $5 – $200 per hour doing surveys and then they request that you pay them. Let me quickly explain how this works. if you choose to pay these companies they will then give a list of survey companies to sign up for. So say there’s a list of 500 DIFFERENT companies and each pays say $2 per survey you could in theory make $200 per hour. Ofcourse in my view this is false advertisement but now you know.

Get Paid To Take Legit Surveys

Now the company listed below is a Unite States based company so if you live or reside in the united states you can sign up. There is never any guarantees on how much money you can make at a survey site because you have to qualify first. This is one of the best survey sites online in my opinion click the link below for more information.

Get Paid To Take Legit Surveys in the United States

Now if you live in a different part of the world you might want to check out this website which has list of all the best legit survey companies from all over the world visit the link below.

Get Paid To Take Legit Surveys Online World Wide

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