Review – Is it a scam?

One of the ways to make money online is Paid Surveys which you can find at The website claims that it can help you find legit and reliable paid survey opportunities online. Not only that, the website also claims that the companies they partner with are among those that paid the highest in this field.

More about Paid Surveys

If you want to take part of these paid survey opportunities, you must first register in the website where you’ll be asked of your name, email address, residential zip code, birth date, and gender. The website claims that these information are needed in order to match well with companies looking for specific kind of individuals to answer their surveys.

Paid surveys are often used by many companies to find out whether they need to further improve their products and services. This method is also being used to come up with new ideas for their products and services. Many market research companies are paid for giving out this kind of surveys.

Final thoughts on

Paid Surveys of is just a portal for you to sign up for different paid surveys. Before you sign up for any of these companies, it is a must that you read first the policies as some may ask you of certain fees which shouldn’t be. Market research companies are paid by their partner companies to pay recipients of these surveys (you) and therefore, should not collect any amount from you.

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