Review Is It a Scam

I don’t think anyone should have to pay someone to sign up for a bunch of  web survey companies. The keyword you need to pay attention to when talking about Paid Survey Group is “database” and personally i have never encounter a web survey site that pays more money than $5 per survey and actually pays out it’s members. There are scam web survey companies that claim to do this but most seldom if ever deliver.

In regards to Doing surveys for money there’s a section on the Paid Survey Group sales page that states the following “Select a survey from our database which looks easy and pays good” word play like this gives the impression that after you sign up with Paid Survey group they will be sending you surveys for money & your life will get easy. This is NOT how online making money with web surveys work.

How Web Surveys Work Online

1.) First you have qualify for the web survey

2.) Secondly after you qualify for the survey for money they(the web survey company) will ask you a few questions to see if you are the type of customer the advertiser is looking for. if you don’t qualify you don’t get paid

3.)Thirdly if you qualify and complete the survey you also have reach enough money in your account to reach the payout, which is usually $20 -$30 now if you are being paid $5 per web survey you will need to do usually at least 5 surveys before you get paid and personally i have never encountered a web survey company that pays $5 every survey usually it’s 0.50 – $3.00 per survey.

That being said it can take also up to 60 days for you to physically get the money in your hands and that’s only if the survey companies are legit. Now i have to say this to No matter where you are in the world you don’t need to pay someone to show you how to get paid to do web surveys.

As a matter a fact i can show you where you can make money online doing surveys without spending a single cent. Depending on how well you follow instructions you can make money today. With this method you can get paid to shop online and also get paid to learn internet marketing and do web surveys. If you are interested visit the website below.

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