Review – Is it a scam? is the website of the market research company, Paid Viewpoint.This is being operated by Ask Your Target Market. It’s a market research company that aims to make sure that small to large business owners will have access to quality market research. Market research is one of the many important aspects in running a business. Without it, companies will find it hard to come up with new products/services or to get their product/services better.

More about Paid Viewpoint

Surveys have become one of the most common means of market research companies to get information from consumers. Doing paid surveys online as a way of earning extra cash has become controversial. It’s either that the market research company asks for some screening which sometimes require your personal details or that the company pays too little.

Paid Viewpoint claims to be different in a way that it neither does the options above. First, it doesn’t screened out applicants, not even require them to provide their personal details. Second, the company pays you out whenever you reaches $15 and that’s good enough considering the $20 average requirement for payout of many market research companies. What’s more, registration here is free.

Final thoughts on

The way works is somehow different from most market research companies. It uses algorithm to trace your honesty and consistency. Plus, it has this Trait Surveys that determine your TraitScore. The higher the result you get, the more surveys you’ll have. It’s worth trying out especially that registration here is free.

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