Review – Is it a scam?

Pappa PC which you can find at is a website that offers a digital product for those who are interested in starting a home business that revolves around spyware and virus removal. According to its website, this book is the only thing that you need to get started with this profitable, on-demand but less competitive and low startup cost business.

More about Pappa PC

Starting a business is not easy but it’s the way to go if you wanted to have control of your time and as to how much you wanted to earn. The eBook found at is created for those who wanted to start a business on spyware and virus removal. According to the creator of the guide, this is a profitable venture as most American homes have at least one computer and spyware and virus have always been a common problem.

Upon purchase, you can easily download the book. Some of the things you can learn from the book include simple steps to clean a computer fast, tips for easy and effective advertising, identifying competitors in your niche, software to avoid, tricks to make a computer work faster, and many more. Aside from the spyware and virus removal eBook, you will also receive Linux EZ Guide in PDF format, and a free PDF reader software.

Final thoughts on

The book found at may work for you if you’re deeply interested in starting a home business around virus and software removal. This is a ClickBank product so if you end up dissatisfied after buying it, you can request for refund.

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