PartnerWithPaul scam

first off the question people want to know is what is Parner With paul? Partner with Paul is an introduction to herbal Life basically which as many people know is an MLM. MLM’s arent really my thing personally but people do make money from them so I cant bash them. by Partnering with Paul you would basically be partnering with Herbal life using Paul’s strategies.

Partnering with Paul does have it’s benefits because you will have Paul there to guide you to reaching your financial goal. But what people tend not to like about Partner with Paul is fact that it’s an MLM and many people consider MLM’s pyramid schemes which i must admit they kind of look like. But the benefit comes in the training Paul provides where as if you just go straight to herbal life you might consider it a bit more difficult to promote.

I’ve tried Partner with Paul it wasnt really my thing but its not a scam because everything they do is legal most people are upset usually because they don’t like MLM’s which i dont really like either.

It all depends on you and what you want to do. If your into MLM i recommend trying Partner with Paul if your not interested in MLM’s I would stay away you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. I’ve spoken to people in that sort of business and seen them in seminars they are all very professional very driven and very successful so it really depends on you.

if you want to try Partner with Paul click here

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