Party infighting is normal: A weak and insecure Green Party Leader Annamie Paul pulls the race card, A lot of CPC MP’s don’t like Erin O’Toole – June 16, 2021,

Some oddball statements were made by Green Party Leader Annamie Paul, that make her come across as an extremely weak-minded individual. So, to people who have never won anything in their life, here’s what happens… “Haters gonna Hate!” that’s how the real world works, I think the problem with a lot of these socialist political figures is that they’ve never held a real job before.

When Eron O’Toole won, some Conservative MP’s who thought they were better fit to lead the party immediately turned on Erin O’Toole. Actually, allow me to go further back, when Andrew Scheer beat Maxime Bernier for the CPC leadership, Bernier responded by starting his own Political Party.

Politics is a fighting match for power and if you’re a leader of any political party, you’re going to get tested. That’s how the real world is, I think the problem with some people on the Political Left is that many of them have been coddled to the point that they haven’t come to grips with their insecurities.

Annamie Paul just became the leader of a Political Party, when you’re the leader of a house league sports team you’re going to have haters on YOUR OWN TEAM who want to see you fail, humans will find any way to destroy other humans, especially socialist humans who constantly need to create an enemy to destroy.

If people wonder why some of us prefer pets over humans, just read Annamie Paul’s statement. They don’t like me because I’m black and I’m a woman? No Annamie they don’t like you because you’re a sleazeball politician Annamie Paul just like the rest of them! Like, grow up already!

‘So racist, so sexist’: Annamie Paul slams bid to oust her as Green Party leader |

Interesting times ahead!