Almost Passive Income Review Is it a Scam? ( review)

There’s a lot going on with Almost Passive Income LLC, apparently run by Ian Stanley on the website that I don’t like. First and foremost, maybe it’s because his website isn’t competed as of today’s date (April 2021) but what worries me is his Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Contact Us page isn’t linking to anywhere.

Meaning we can’t verify anything about him, his claims, how he’ll use your data, if he’ll deliver anything of value and it’s for these reasons that based on my reviews Almost Passive Income LLC currently found at is not legit and is a scam.

If you’re going to join I’d do so with extreme caution, I don’t even see a way in which he can be contacted, so, being that Ian Stanley who also appears to have a website either isn’t taking his program seriously or isn’t following some basic guidelines, I’d be extremely cautious if I were you joining him or his recommendations.

I will not be recommending at this time and based on my reviews, it appears to be a scam and not legit. If you’re going to join his program which I don’t recommend, do so with extreme caution. If you want to know what a typical legitimate work from home opportunity looks like consider visiting the Rich Dad Summit Website in which all the links are clickable and you can review the program for yourself with full transparency.

Scammers typically try to give the impression that they’re legitimate but make it hard for you to investigate how they will be using your information. Again if you’re going to join Ian Stanley on the website do so with extreme caution, nowhere on his page as of today’s date do I see how he will use your information.

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