Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED again: Alberta’s RCMP-Municipal police problem? Alberta doesn’t have Provincial Policing-Every Police department in Alberta is under the control of the Federal Government – December 2, 2021,

There’s never a perfect way to protest, and when you’re called to do something, that’s what you’re called to do, but what’s often unclear to me when I read about these Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTS is who is doing the arresting? Albertan liberty movements are very disjointed there doesn’t appear to be any clear cut united long-term strategy against tyranny and I have to assume this is by design.

It’s an eternal uphill battle when you’re forced to finance people who are against your way of life. Alberta doesn’t have a provincial police department and most Conservatives in Alberta avoid living in large cities, which puts them in a bad position because the RCMP takes orders from Ottawa. I would assume at this point that Pastor Artur Pawlowski is a marked man.

Not to say things would be any better if Alberta had a provincial police department, but I think Jason Kenney or any Alberta Premier for that matter might take a different approach to govern. If there’s a transfer payments system, it would be better to have fewer reasons to send money to Ottawa. There are a lot of government services I could do without, a provincial police department, in my opinion, would be wise, because as it stands now if you merge the NDP, Green, and Liberal vote, Canada is about 65% Leaning to the Left.

Leftists are tyrannical, whether it’s democratic or national socialism believers in big government are known to have a “for the greater good” mentality. Meaning that when they feel like playing the role of God or authoritarian they’re going to act on it. If you can help it, you don’t want the Federal Government taking on an active role in policing a Conservative province. It’s mind-boggling to me, that Western Canadians don’t understand this.

Gestapo came again to intimidate the Church parishioners during the Passover!!! Unbelievable! | Artur Pawlowski TV


In Alberta, as is the case with most provinces in Canada, they have this merger between the RCMP and municipal police which nobody appears to be explaining to Pastor Artur Pawlowski. When I actually started doing some research on the topic, it became obvious to me what’s happening and why Pastor Artur Pawlowski is in such a predicament. I’m not sure this even happens if Alberta had a provincial police department.

One of the reasons why the police felt so comfortable stepping foot in Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s church is because I’m sure they’re aware of the powers of the Federal government. In America, most criminals AVOID THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, because the FBI has a conviction rate similar to COMMUNIST CHINA!.

I often like to remind people that poverty starts in the mind, a Left or Right-wing rebel without a cause is often cursed by poverty, because they don’t think ahead, nor do they understand that their oppression is often their own creation. Before you get political it’s wise that you build a culture of education, because if people are stubborn and unwilling to learn they might unintentionally invite Gestapo into their church.

With that said, it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back, there’s no perfect way to start a revolution or an awakening, it’s just that I’m of the belief that education is more important than rhetoric. Although I think what’s happening is wrong, I don’t think people are framing this story in its proper context. The Alberta police situation reminds me of a grown man still living in his parent’s basement trying to get laid!.

Instead of wasting all this money on legal fees, it might be smarter to explain to people why Quebec with all of its flaws does such a good distancing itself from Ottawa. How can Albertans talk secession if they haven’t even practiced their own policing? Those same RCMP officers should be Provincial and municipal officers who are loyal to the people of Alberta.

To give you an idea of where I’m going with this, Left-Wing British Colombia has more people than Alberta but has almost 2000 fewer municipal police? Yet, 5 churches were burned or vandalized in BC whereas 10 were vandalized in Alberta during the period in which the divisive Federal government and the media created a narrative to make Christianity appear to be evil, because of some instances of injustices against indigenous people, by non-indigenous people. We can pretend indigenous people didn’t have injustices amongst themselves prior to the arrival of Europeans, but that would be a lie.

I don’t mean to be picking on Alberta, but let’s stop pretending that liberties and freedoms were only recently attacked, they’ve been attacking Liberties and Freedoms aggressively since Pierre Trudeau. Canada is and always will be a work in progress, Pierre left his mark with the Charter of Rights, but as we all know he left loopholes in the Charter of Rights for a reason.

Emotions aside, I deem it wise they remind Pastor Artur Pawlowski that Gestapo has been on the attack for a long time it’s just that he’s now consciously aware of it. Many of us have been aware of it for a long time, it’s just that it’s not an easy thing to explain to people who are brainwashed. I can’t write one paragraph or say a few words to get people out of the matrix.

Some people like the security of being ignorant, ignorance is bliss after all and truth be told none of us truly know it all, so it’s nobody’s business how another lives their life. It’s why for many of us freedom lovers, secession is inevitable, but we don’t want to secede with people who imagine a big government that thinks the way they think is the solution. In closing, I’m hoping more people will speak up about FEDERAL policing in this country because in actuality I think people are missing out on a great opportunity to promote liberty. Pastor Artur Pawlowski is being oppressed because the Federal Government is too big!


Try to get that through your head, the Federal government is too big and that’s not a good thing because that’s how tyrannical governments are formed!

That common cold that you might have? Yeah, well, now it requires government identification otherwise you can’t leave your home, you pathetic piece of scum. Don’t blame the politician, the politician is merely enforcing the will of the people, the people have decided that the public sector can relieve you of your freedoms and liberties, don’t like democracy, don’t like majority rule? Our progressive policies are for the greater good of mankind and you must obey, now get in the damn police car!

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Interesting times ahead!