The Patient Art of Affiliate Marketing

No sales huh, you’ve been doing all the right things tried everything there is to be tried yet you look and there are no sales anywhere. Do you feel like giving up? Because sometimes I feel like giving up! But then I remember driving to my old job. I used to be a welder it was a good job but it wasn’t for me I was miserable I couldn’t be in a relation with a woman I couldn’t go on the trips I want to go to I was basically my companies b*tch and I knew it and at the time I couldn’t wait until my online business took off.

How I practiced patience and why I made this blog

Before I got into working from home I had a serious problem, for one I fell for the whole pay day/pay check loan thing so every check I worked I lost over $100 on pay day loan fees, secondly my car wasn’t paid for so I was obligated to pay for that too. Thirdly I was basically working to stay in debt, so one day I decided to give this working from home thing a serious shot. What I did first was I starved myself for two weeks and paid off the pay day loan. Paying off a pay day loan is nothing easy, for me it meant I had lose an entire two weeks’ paycheck. The second thing I did was I started trying different programs, when I say I learned from the profit lance program I mean it.

I tried everything from that program and the only reason I recommend it to people is because there was no up-sells. $80 and I was good to go, trying different things from profit lance enabled me to see what works for me and what doesn’t this is the patient art of affiliate marketing.

Work Works For You and What Doesn’t

Once you find out what part of affiliate or Internet marketing you like then you’ll start seeing your earning potential. All it took for me was one sale for me to see that this stuff works. Once I received my first check I was hooked instead of wondering if I’d ever work from home it started to become a question of when, while all my friends we’re busy buying Playstation 3’s and Xbox 360’s I started investing in my online business. No new clothes, no new shoes I want a home based business I wanted to work from home.

If you follow my blog you’ll notice I write about scams and I try to warn people, the reason I do this is because I’ve been there before, I fell for them all I’ve canceled my credit card more than 8 times now because of the internet and getting scammed. But that didn’t stop me I wanted to work from home, screw a petty little credit card I’ll get another one that’s how I look at working from home. When you want something you go after it you hug onto your dream tight and follow your heart. When you do that you’ll become patient about affiliate marketing because then you’ll know the money is on its way.

If what you’re doing has worked even once and you liked the outcome try tweaking what you did improve upon all it takes is one idea to work and the money comes rushing in I wish you all the best. If you’re interesting in learning my methods for making money online please visit the Work From Home page.