Patrick Brown disqualified from the Conservative leadership race, appears to be in violation of Canadian election law – July 6, 2022,

Weird things happen to Patrick Brown and they appear to happen to him because he’s not true to himself. I think some years back he was accused of inappropriate conduct with women and Rebel News keeps catching Patrick Brown breaking his own rules.

During the pandemic, Patrick Brown was caught playing hockey when he told the people of Brampton to say in their homes. I have to be honest, it’s hard to write about Patrick Brown because I don’t find him interesting. Nothing about him inspires, he comes across as a very TACTICAL person, but he’s not smart enough to pull off his schemes.

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RebelNews caught Patrick Brown Again, just being a really evil person, RebelNews although Right or Centre has no problem doing actual JOURNALISM, which for people on the Right can be problematic because Left Winger’s legacy media will rarely post negative news coverage of the politicians they prefer to govern.

VIEWERS REACT: Sneaky Patrick Brown caught once again
The Conservative Party of Canada leadership hopeful continues to be embroiled in scandal.

Because most journalists in 2022 aren’t really journalists, Canada is being destroyed. What Patrick Brown was attempting to do in MY OPINION was use legacy media to SHIELD him from scrutiny. Truth be told legacy media had the same access to this story as RebelNews, but they opted to IGNORE it. Some will call the National Post a Conservative outlet, I consume Financial Post frequently myself, but the National Post with all of its resources didn’t think much of what Patrick Brown was doing for some of us, we can see why.

New poll suggests Liberal, NDP voters prefer Charest and Brown over Poilievre |

In my opinion, Patrick Brown from the very start of his campaign was tactical, he knew what to say and do to attract legacy media and stuck to his game plan. Maybe because Patrick Brown has seen cheating up close, he assumed everyone else was doing it, so why shouldn’t he? Well, again for most Conservatives, this is why they don’t like Patrick Brown and Jean Charest, although Charest wasn’t caught cheating, both Patrick Brown and Charest give off similar energy.

Jean Charest is also preferred by NDP and Liberal supporters. Now, again if you THINK about the article written by the National Post, why would they care about poll data for NDP and Liberal supporters? Why wouldn’t they poll MODERATE, unaffiliated voters, and focus on what they’re thinking? Maybe it’s that the title of their post would get more eyeballs? I’m not sure.

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But Patrick Brown like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh is CORRUPT, which would explain why Liberal and NDP supporters can relate to him. Actual Conservatives want the government to leave them ALONE! Whereas Liberal and NDP supporters want the government to do more and often PREFER corrupt politicians, because a corrupt politician will impose HARSH penalties on their opposition and whether those actions are legal or illegal a lot of NDP and Liberal supporters are okay with their leaders doing it.

When I see both Patrick Brown and Jean Charest I see the potential of corruption, I can also see scenarios in which followers of Charest and Brown will justify their tyranny on people. To date, the media hasn’t said much about Patrick Brown, why? Because it’s pretty obvious when looking at Patrick Brown and Jean Charest that they’re SPINELESS and will become tyrannical if they imagine that’s what the people want. Anyway, Patrick Brown is disqualified from the 2022 Conservative leadership race

Patrick Brown disqualified from Conservative leadership race |

Iesting times ahead