How to use pay per view networks effectively

Most Internet and Affiliate marketers make huge mistakes when they use pay per view networks and those mistakes can easily be narrowed down to 1 huge mistake and that is they put others in front themselves what I mean by that is most affiliate marketers will use pay per click marketing to promote someone else’s brand or email list instead of using pay per click marketing to get their own brand out there. Most internet marketers are working with a tight budget and instead of those affiliate marketers using that tight budget to promote themselves they waste it on helping someone else.

My money is my money it’s not yours!

Hey let me make something clear here I’m an advocate for affiliate marketers however that being said I’m not willing to purchase traffic just for them. What I do is I will build a pretty website that captures emails addresses and then I’ll send those subscribers to my offers but in no way shape or form will I pay $100 in pay per click network just to promote someone else’s product(s). What I’m saying to anyone reading this post is you need to build your own “email list”. Don’t get caught up in the hype of anyone else’s program you need to make money for yourself and secure some money for yourself. You need to build your email list in someway shape or form. Personally I like to start membership sites. something I own is a membership site. Yes it’s my venting blog but it’s also a membership site and some of you might be surprised to know that I’ve collected over 10,000 emails in 2 years just from alone.

It’s true Steven Porter is very simple and extremely selfish

If you read any of my post you’ll notice a theme with me and that theme is I like to keep things simple. Let’s say you want to use pay per view traffic to sell some gaming products you know what I would do I would start my own gaming site it doesn’t have to good it just has to be there and it has to be able to collect emails. When I do this not only can I collect emails but I can also offer my subscribers actually games or free games. Being that my games are free my users will expect me to sell them something. Wake up people I’ve been telling people this stuff for years Steven Porter never lies you might hate me and my arrogant attitude but I’ll never (knowingly) lead you astray.

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