Paying Me Not Work: Coronavirus cases are soaring but Justin Trudeau’s approval ratings hold steady: Ipsos – November 29, 2020,

Although I’m going to have to monitor this Dominion voting problem going forward and quite frankly, I will now never trust electronic polling again after what happened in the US election in 2020, based on my personal observations I would have to agree that Justin Trudeau’s approval rating is probably the same. As an Ontarian, who identifies as a Conservative I actually hate Doug Ford more than I hate Justin Trudeau.

If an election were held tomorrow I’d vote for Maxime Bernier, but at the very least I know what to expect from Justin Trudeau, I personally think Erin O’Toole would irritate me. I was personally irritated with Stephen Harper when Trudeau beat him because Stephen Harper was propping up the housing market which is what Doug Ford is also doing, based on his stances with Real Estate lobbyists.

When it comes to Trudeau, he hasn’t touched the corporate tax rate, his tax of choice is debasing the loonie which benefits people like me who are heavily invested in this country and my main problem with Trudeau is he’s coming after my freedom of speech. If Trudeau wasn’t coming after my freedom of speech and my ability to defend myself I’d barely notice him.

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

All though I support the People’s Party of Canada, immigration isn’t a big concern of mine, WELFARE or the Welfare State is a major concern of mine. Paying people not work is very problematic if you’re inviting immigrants to Canada, and being that Canadians can’t defend themselves individually this also opens us up to terrorist attacks.

If you notice in America terrorists attacks aren’t as common as they are in Europe, that’s because Americans have their second amendment rights and if a terrorist kills Americans, the U.S government better find and arrest those terrorists immediately before American civilians do it themselves.

In Canada, similar to Europe, both the NDP and Liberal Partys recommend welfare and counseling for terrorists and this should be frightening to Canadians, this is what bothers me most about Justin Trudeau and Canada is our WELFARE STATE! But apart from that, I agree with the poll even if it isn’t true. I do think if an election was held today, Trudeau would probably take votes away from the NDP and the Greens.

A person can’t unlearn Conservativism and I think with every passing day, The Left in Canada is losing popularity, but Justin Trudeau has been a good sleazy politician, even in the face of embarrassment and shame, my Prime minister pretends nothing happened, he’s giving away Canadian dollars like candy and on the surface the Canadian economy look s good, of course, I know otherwise, but we’re talking about politics here. I give credit where it’s due, Justin Trudeau gets top honors for being the top globalist puppet in Canadian history, if you take away any negative emotions you feel for Trudeau, you’d know I’m right! Free money for Coronavirus!

Coronavirus cases are soaring but Trudeau’s approval ratings hold steady: Ipsos |

Interesting times ahead