Paypal has been shutting down merchants without reason for DECADES, Paypal Shuts down Rebel News @RebelNewsOnline – April 6, 2021,

So, I’ve been selling on eBay for years, I’ve been on all the eBay forums I have a lot of friends from eBay, so from my perspective, it doesn’t surprise me that Paypal recently shut down Rebel News from using their platform. Some people think ‘cancel culture’ is a new thing, sorry guys, it’s not, many of us have been complaining about Paypal for DECADES.

I’m actually shocked RebelNews lasted this long on Paypal, I’ve sent RebelNews money in the past via credit card, not sure if it went through Paypal or not, but yea, welcome to the big boy world @RebelNewsOnline, I’m by no means a National Socialist, but they’ve been almost acid-washed from the internet and when it happened a lot of people cheered as if that was a good thing.

Eventually Hitler Stalin, Mao, Justin Trudeau whoever comes looking for you, this is why people like me buy Gold, hoard cash, and consider any digital fiat dollars I ‘own’ as property of the government. I’m not a big fan of Bitcoin, but I see the value in it, because well, you never know, I’ve also learned a lot about processing payments alternatively via adult entertainment companies. They were one of the first industries to experience cancel culture, but they managed to mitigate it because the bottom line is if there’s a demand for your service, people will find a way to subsidize you.

Cancel culture is nothing new, it’s just that the loudmouths are now experiencing it for themselves. When people like myself write about the negatives of Globalism, it sounds comical, until Gestapo shows up and strips you of something, you assumed you owned. No, globalism means you will OWN NOTHING! Stop tricking yourself into believing that there’s such thing as a better welfare state or some type of socialism that works.

I get it, a lot of people love the welfare state, or you want to keep some portions of it, but that’s not how this works, as society gets more atheistic, MORALITY BECOMES SUBJECTIVE Do you thank God for everything you have when you wake up in the morning? Because the bible in case you didn’t know it is filled with stories of people losing EVERYTHING in an instant and the only wealth or riches the prophet is left with is their FAITH IN GOD!

I love the work of @RebelNewsOnline but when I heard that Paypal shut them down, the first thing that came to my mind was a shock they were still using Paypal. If you’re raging against the machine, it’s smarter to build your platform without them. Just being honest I still don’t get the Conservative obsession with Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Conservatives are inadvertently giving social media companies more power, it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve observed in the last decade. Social media was made for cat videos and other silly things, Barck Obama brought it into politics and then Donald Trump got on board and all the Conservatives quickly turned social media into this place of politics and basically handed over unnecessary power to a bunch of tech nerds who magically found themselves with all of this power.

Anyway, to Ezra keep fighting the good fight, but Paypal has been a part of cancel culture for as long as I’ve known about Paypal. One of the reasons I believe Bitcoin became a thing was because of Paypal canceling people.

HELP: PayPal is trying to shut down Rebel News! |

Interesting times ahead!