PC Tonics Review Is It a Scam

PCTonics.com is based out of India based on my reviews it doesn’t appear to be a scam, however I should point out that as of this date PC Tonics is rather new so I wouldn’t call them legit either. Their address can be found below:

PC Tonics, 32 Gopal Tower, Gopal Bari, Jaipur – 302001 Rajasthan (India)

With that said I’m not a huge fan of their customer support. If you click the PCTonics.com contact us page, you’ll notice that they don’t have a live chat service nor do they have phone support. Typically when it comes to services that makes claims like this:

A complete Web and Windows protection suite that also lets you recover disk space and boost system speed to a whole new level (To fix all items, purchasing license key is required)

When a company makes a claim like the above mentioned you’ll want that company to have more than just email support. Personally I tend to turn to sites like PCgamer or PCmag if I’m looking for a Maintenance Program for my PC. Why I do this is because a lot of these software companies will in most instances build up their brand and sell it or just stop maintaining it. It’s no secret that Norton by Symantec is typically the best option. They have the most resources and because of their huge platform you can not only get phone support you can also get live chat and email support.

Compare what Norton by Symantec has to PCTonics.com and you’ll see why most people typically prefer Norton.

Do I think PCTonics.com is a scam? No I don’t, but because it’s so early in their development I’m not ready to call them legit either.

Please leave your comments or experiences with PCTonics.com below it really helps others.