Network Marketing takes over the freebie industry. Even though i HATE Network Marketing there are times where even i can see the benefits mainly the educational aspects of it. In this case however I hope this company fails. I don’t like Multi Level Marketing in social media. I actually find the concept stupid as an advertiser.

People String will pay you to read emails pay you to shop on their site and pay you to refer strangers, friends and family. To start i want people to look at this from an advertisers perspective.

A Look Back at Paid To Read Emails

Paid to read emails works like this you get paid to read emails. Getting paid to read emails is possibly one of thee dumbest industries online. The only winner is the HOUSE or maybe the person(s) with the largest down lines. Reason being is that the advertiser and the customer meet at the worst possible point. As a customer I join the paid to read email site to make $$$MONEY$$$ so my guard is up i am skeptical about any paid email I receive and there’s a good chance i will do research before signing up for anything! Also if i really care to be paid for an email i obviously don’t have allot of money.

People String and Advertising

From the advertisers perspective when sending out a paid to read email you are going to have put it all on the line you have too remember your customer has seen a thousand other offers just like yours and your customers guard is way up they also know you need them because you we’re willing to pay them to open an email message you sent.

I can’t blame people String for trying but MLM in social media where the social media site uses advertiser dollars to pay members ruins the concept of social media. If people don’t get it by now real people join social media sites to be “social” when you are being social money is the last thing you want to think about. If you are faced with an opportunity sure you might jump on it but the atmosphere itself is not supposed to be one controlled by money.

My guess is maybe this might be a hit in the Multi Level Marketing industry but for me personally there’s no way i want to be a part of this. I hope people wake up to the fact of why I HATE Multi level marketing online one day. Network marketing online is an animal that seeks to take over industries online similarly to the way corporations ruin small business’s.

Network marketing is built like a pyramid scheme where the people at the top make all the money and those at the bottom suffer. The internet is made up mostly of digital products digital software anything anyone makes can be cloned so why join someone in there pyramid scheme adventures??? Think about if i can make you clone website what’s the point in people string?. Online Network Marketing/Multi Level Marketing is the dumbest thing ever and only makes the owners and those with the huge down lines money.

If you join people String good luck but you won’t find me there!