Per Capita Canada has fewer intensive care beds than almost anyone else in the developed world(only Chile, Sweden and Colombia ranked lower) – January 17, 2022,

Canada unlike Chile, Sweden, and Colombia borders with the United States, American businesses love to sell Canadians things, often at prices lower than they sell to their own countrymen, in order to get a foothold into our marketplace, however, when Canada isn’t Nationalizing an industry, it’s regulating industries out of existence.

Even prior to the pandemic, Justin Trudeau, who had spent all sorts of taxpayer funds on social justice causes many of which have never bared fruit, also found the time to prioritize a $200 Millon dollar loan to a ‘failing’ Casino Rama operator never thought to purchase additional intensive care beds because as many of us know this is not a problem the government has any interest in solving, this pandemic has allowed Quebec as an example to lock down its citizens, a move Canada’s Federal Government didn’t seem to have any problems with.

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Whether it’s a lack of detail or not enough ICU bed lobbyists in the ears of the Prime Minister it’s not a priority for Canada’s government and the reason, might be as simple as looking at the data, which shows the high recovery rate from the virus. Although the media likes to scare Canadians about the number of CASES, the deaths aren’t that alarming, in fact, the media has normalized the “Death with Covid” to the point the media will often combine death with covid, with “deaths because of covid” as the same thing.

Let’s not forget that Canadians die every day for natural causes and when these Canadians die WITH influenza, the flu wasn’t counted as their cause of death. So purchasing more ICU beds isn’t being prioritized because government imagines the money can be better spent elsewhere. With that said, let’s call it for what it is, the Canadian Universal Health Care System is broken, because as an example Germany which also has Univeral Health Care ranks amongst the best in the world.

The U.S which has a private health care system that automatically equates to private businesses wanting to cut back on unnecessary costs has more ICU beds per capita than Canada? That’s embarrassing if you ask me, but then again, there are more obese Americans per capita than there are Canadians, so this released information gives you a glimpse into how serious the government is taking the pandemic.

You have to remember that journalism is all but dead in Canada, the mainstream media rarely if ever challenges government edicts and even if they did, most likely Big Tech would silence them. But every once in a while media writes an article that makes you think.

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Interesting times ahead!