A perfect example of How Excessive Government Regulations Destroy The Private Sector: Air Canada ordered to pay passengers $2,000 for flight cancellation caused by crew shortage – September 15, 2022,


Once it became apparent that Covid-19 was targeting a specific group of people, it could be argued that the power that be in Canada could have taken a better approach to handling Covid-19. Unfortunately, things are the way they are, and life moves on, and Canada’s private sector has tried its best to deal with the Federal regulations on their business.


If a private business is inefficiently run because of its own incompetence, that’s one thing, but as everyone who uses Air Canada knows, Air Canada pre-pandemic always took EXTRA precautions to symbolize the quality of their service, which by the way, is why an Air Canada Employee a few years ago would make between C$46,070 to C$102,344 a year, whereas an Air Transat employee as an example might see their pay start at around $30,000.

Why do I bring this up? Because the Federal government mandates in Canada have led to a LABOUR shortage, and in the instance described below, it’s Air Canada that has to pay the fines. How did Canada’s federal government create a shortage of employees for Air Canada? Well, airports in Canada are under FEDERAL jurisdiction, and Air Canada employees don’t only have to worry about keeping their vaccination status up to date, but they also have to in many ways be part of the ENFORCEMENT of the federal government mandates.

Air Canada ordered to pay passengers $2,000 for flight cancellation caused by crew shortage | cbc.ca

Basically, working for Air Canada is a lot harder than it used to be, and potentially even being considered to work for Air Canada is probably more difficult now than it’s ever been. Making matters worse, the Canadian Federal government is also on a vote-buying campaign. Many of us suspect the Federal Liberals are doing this in preparation for a snap election, but maybe they’re doing this vote buying because Trudeau is dipping in the polls recently?

Will Trudeau’s $4.5B affordability plan help you? Here’s what to know | globalnews.ca

Sure this government spending is being framed as Justing Trudeau helping hurting Canadians who are hurting from inflation. Still, most of the DOMESTIC consumer price inflation Canadians are experiencing are the DIRECT result of his mandates. a lot of the new rules and regulations that are now law in Canada didn’t exist when Trudeau won a minority government in the 2019 election.

Below is the Trudeau popularity tracker by Angus Reid; if the data does not show up below, you can click the link provided or search for “Trudeau popularity in Google”.

Approve/Disapprove of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau | angusreid.org

In fact, in the 2021 election, which by the way, was called in the middle of a pandemic as Trudeau likely saw Erin O’Toole as a weak candidate that would help him win a majority, Trudeau via The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) engaged in massive vote buying, while pursuing his climate change agenda. As everyone knows, PLANES pollute, and gas prices have been on rising; there’s a backlog of Canadian passports, which, as described by the article below, were the direct result of the Federal government having STAFFING SHORTAGES.

People line up at a passport office in Montreal on June 22 2022 Becasue of Federal Government STAFFING SHORTAGES

People line up at a passport office in Montreal on June 22 2022 Becasue of Federal Government STAFFING SHORTAGES

Passport delays spur some Canadians to game the system with fake travel plans | cbc.ca

When the government has staffing shortages, why can’t people sue the Federal Government? Based on the new rules and regulations, it can be argued that Air Canada struggled to adapt to the new normal; well, the same is true for the Federal Government, and why weren’t they sued?

In a decision published on Aug. 25, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) ordered Air Canada to compensate passenger Lisa Crawford and her son $1,000 each following a flight cancellation that delayed their August 2021 trip from their home city of Fort St. John, B.C., to Halifax by almost 16 hours.

To let you know where I’m going with this, The Canadian Transportation Agency is the independent, quasi-judicial tribunal of the Government of Canada that makes decisions relating to federally-regulated modes of transportation (air, rail, and marine). Is the passport office not an important part of TRAVELING in Canada?


Feds announce four new passport service sites as backlog continues | ctvnews.ca



Apparently, The Canadian Transportation Agency is independent. Is there any independent agency monitoring Passport services? I’d understand if there wasn’t because this appears to have only become a problem since the Liberal Government of Canada decided to over-regulate the Canadian economy. To further drive home my point and a reminder that Canada is a small player in all of this, according to the World Health Organization, Covid-19 deaths are at their lowest since 2020.

Most countries dropped these excessive regulations over a year ago, and New Zealand is back to normal; why many people in Canada believe Justin Trudeau is doing this is because he doesn’t want to appear weak to the Freedom Convoy protestors, who asked Trudeau to do this earlier this year. Pettiness is expensive. Fortunately for Canada’s Federal government, they’re spending other people’s time and money.

Justin Trudeau embodies why people like myself do not like BIG GOVERNMENT! Because he has his personal reason, the entire country can suffer just because he can. One man, one political party, shouldn’t have this type of power without the PEOPLE they serve having a voice.

‘The end is in sight’: COVID-19 deaths at lowest levels since March 2020, WHO says | globalnews.ca



Interesting times ahead!