The Perfect Example of Why Women Marry The Government: Canadian Woman with disabilities wants change to province’s household income policy – July 19, 2021,

So, whether it’s child support or alimony payments, the story below is the perfect example as to why a lot of men don’t get married and if they do, they ask for a prenuptial agreement. In a nutshell, the story below goes something like this; woman falls in love with man, woman considers marrying man until… woman realizes that she will lose her government benefits😁.

It’s all about the money for most people, it’s just that some people are more upfront about it. The woman in the story is like “I love him, but, a lady gotta get her government cheque because otherwise, I’ll be 100% dependent on this man, I mean sure I love him now, but anything could happen in the future and well, I shouldn’t have to reapply for government money, when the government can simply continue to pay what they were paying me before I decided to commit to this dude!”

Now, in this woman’s defense, at the very least she has a legitimate disability, but in a nutshell, this is why divorce rates are so high, why so many women are single, and why being a single woman with children has its benefits.

You’re viewed differently as an individual by the government if qualify as a person in the victim class. Now, in a democracy, even people on welfare can vote, this is why for myself the Canadian economic collapse is inevitable at this point, if you read the article below and even listen to this woman as she lists out the various different welfare programs she qualifies for, you’ll quickly see why Canada’s Welfare State will grow and grow until the economy collapses.

Why shouldn’t people who don’t work for a living in Canadian society not vote for a socialist politician? I keep hearing about all of these rich tax cheats, some of those welfare programs the young lady lists, I didn’t even know existed and these perks she gets are Provincial welfare schemes, on the Federal front some Federal politicians are talking about a UBI or raising the federal minimum wage on employers who at the very least help the government to collect taxes.

Now, via existing provincial welfare programs, this young lady is living quite well, so well in fact that she comprehends that her STANDARD OF LIVING may diminish if she marries this guy she claims to love. Obviously not taking into consideration the tax burden she already is to the Private Sector WORKING class of New Brunswick as well as the rest of the country. New Brunswick is often a HAVE-NOT province that qualifies their province for equalization/transfer payments. Anyway, ignorance is bliss so she pleads her case to Canada’s State-Run Media.

Canada This is NOT sustainable! Luckily we’re on a fiat monetary system, historically, these systems don’t last long before they need to be reset. Most of the welfare programs this woman lists, Canadians WITHOUT disabilities qualify for and there are more welfare programs out there, consuming taxes from the working classes.

To those of you who genuinely think that the fiat Canadian dollar can deflate? I ask you for how long? Sure the Canadian economy can deflate, but the Canadian dollar deflating is very unlikely. Even when the Canadian dollar is rewarded by the Forex markets, the cost of living in Canada still rises.

These welfare costs are often a fixed expense on the private sector and being that all levels of governments are reaching points in which serving debts at near 0% interest rates are becoming problematic, this all equates to Canadian dollar debasement, which is going to hurt the WORKING poor and the WORKING middle class the hardest.

People on welfare don’t contribute to taxes, people dependent on the government for their survival don’t pay taxes, If the mere thought of shrinking the size of the government is abolished the Canadian economy has some serious structural economic challenges ahead.

Woman with disabilities wants change to province’s household income policy |

Interesting times ahead!