Review – Is it a scam?

Permission Research of is a market research company. This company is a division of ComScore, Inc., one of the country’s largest internet research firms with over 2 million members worldwide. The company helps its clients by gathering information about the digital trends and patterns of average internet users. This, in turn, enables their clients to have an idea on how to improve their products/services for their consumers.

More about Permission Research

Permission Research is one of those research companies that allow you to take part of their research activity by installing their software. This software will track all your activities online except for your private information such as username and password. This information is then passed on or shared to their partner companies.

Signing up with Permission Research will also ask you to provide them consent to contact your television service provider to provide them with information regarding the channels and programs you record or watch, as well as the demand programming you order.

Unlike other companies, Permission Research won’t pay you instantly. What they do instead is provide their members with occasional survey in exchange of gift cards and products. Also, every month, they have this sweepstakes where each member will have one entry to win $100-$100,000.

Final thoughts on

If you’re looking for ways to fill in your free hours, then signing up in these research companies is a good choice. Aside from gaining something from it (gift cards, cash, etc.), you’ll also providing helpful information to companies for the improvement of their products and services.

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