Perpetual Pandemics: Hilarious! After taking a break in 2020? Canadian Doctors are warning flu season could return with a vengeance – October 16, 2021,

So yeah, now first and foremost I want to say that I understand why some people believe in Big Government, I get it, but on the flip side, I hope those of you who believe in big Government, understand why some of us don’t. Personally, I completely understand why priority was given to the prior pandemic, what many of us found strange was how Influenza DISAPPEARED?

Some of us suspected that the government couldn’t tell the difference between the Flu and the virus that originated in China, which fueled speculations that a corporate welfare scheme was being developed to profit from the pandemic? hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been imagined as these evil medications that should never be considered to treat the pandemic virus, even though… I’ll leave that one alone!

So here we are, the Flu is making a comeback, apparently, it took a break in 2020, and now it’s back with a vengeance, my grandfather who always gets his flu shot, couldn’t get it, he told us, the doctor said it wasn’t available and he should be vaccinated for the pandemic virus? So he did, a smart move on his part, but recently I too have seen flu shot signs returning to Ontario and it makes me think to myself I wonder if the lies were told about Covid-19 so that all those purchases made by our government didn’t go to waste?

I think people forget that Canada has a universal health care system and the money the government spent on these vaccinations will go to waste if they’re not used by the people they were purchased for. A lot of money is also spent on the flu shot and now that the hysteria is dying down, the government doesn’t want to waste money on Flu Shots that won’t be distributed or used by people who usually get the flu jab, those Flu shot contracts are set in stone as will be these covid-shots, this form of corporate welfare is often a welcomed in Canadian society.

Anyway, I find it hilarious that people trust the government when if you look at things objectively, and follow the money, you’ll notice a pattern.

Doctors warn flu season could return with a vengeance | Global News

Interesting times ahead!