The Peter Schiff Show Podcast – Episode 470 – The Donald Trump Debt Renegotiation – May 30, 2019,

One of the people I have a great respect for is Peter Schiff, he does great work, he’s human and you have to take the good and the bad when it comes to people with egos. Some people are offended by individuals with egos, I appreciate them, if it weren’t for people with huge egos, this word would be a bland place. No, where I disagree with Peter Schiff regarding the coming economic crash (that everyone knows is coming) is what is going to happen.

Personally, I think they’ll be debt renegotiation, the collision course with the United States and China is getting closer, the Chinese Communist Party in actuality is the downfall of the great Chinese People. The great thing with authoritarians is that they rarely go down without a fight. Currently, China is going to restrict the sales of rare earth materials to the United States, this is, of course, a huge blow, because most consumer electronics use rare earth materials and China has about 80% market share. Now, is this a big deal? Of course, it is, and China has a few more tricks up its sleeve, the actual problem China is creating in all of this, is the effect a trade war with America will have on the world economy.

Regressive sales taxes dominate most of the world, America is the rare country with the exception of the Democrat Run States that avoids regressive taxes. Restriction on any material has little effect on a capitalist nation, what it will do however is cause major disruptions in the world economy. It’s hard for people who don’t understand Austrian economics to understand that consumers shouldn’t be penalized for political games, because consumers fuel the economy if you restrict anything to businesses, and there’s a deflationary event, it’s the debt and debtors that are left drifting in the wind.

Lots of countries and industries are dependent on U.S lead consumption, sure China can block the U.S with Rare earth materials, but what happens to the countries who are dependent on the U.S economy to sustain themselves? Now, don’t get me wrong, China can crash the U.S economy, but it’s not like in the end that China won’t be the country that suffers. China is still centrally run, I don’t think people understand what a centrally run ECONOMY means, we’re not even talking about a centrally run military, we’re talking about a centrally run economy, one hiccup in the centrally run economy and everything goes haywire. What China is in fact doing is giving Donald Trump more excuses to have a downturn in the economy or an economic crash. Hyper-inflation the Chinese Yuan in this situation becomes America’s gain.

The world is changing and if you’re a Leftist a believer in the Nanny State or an Authoritarian the future doesn’t bode well for you! The market in fear of China’s growing power might sell off the Chinese Yuan, China might lose its position as a world reserve currency, China is actually setting up the perfect conditions for America to renegotiate their debts and have you been paying attention to global politics, almost every European country is voting in a Populous, the markets have been reacting to this and this is simply one of those times where being an Authoritarian doesn’t seem so scary.

How this relates to Peter Schiff is I think he’s underestimating the market sentiments, lots of robo-traders first of all, secondly, a market crash is being anticipated, the bond market is being anticipated, we’re in a pump and dump market right now. On;y a moron couldn’t see this, they all see it, I see it if you’re reading this you see you know it’s a pump and dump economy, but you still have to play along, there’s a lot of betting going on in the casino. The warning signs are there what the market has been waiting for is what Trump and China are delivering, an excuse for a deflation a potential crisis to reform the markets The Donald Trump Debt Renegotiation or potentially something else unexpected. Keynesian economics doesn’t work, everyone knows it, the problem is what can we do better going forward, well it appears China reform is inevitable, however, nobody knows what that looks like yet.

The great news in the markets, however, is the Chinese communist party is about to start laying boobytraps that is going to cost them a lot of customers. Almost all of China’s non-American customers, need America to turn a profit LMAO! making matter worse is the CNY, yeah, I’ve seen this before and I think China and Peter Schiff don’t seem to comprehend that Gold still is a form of barter, it’s still a commodity and although it’s historically been the preferred form of global trade, it hasn’t been the only form of trade. A stable Republic or Monarchy has a lot more value than a Republic that isn’t viewed as stable. There’s a value to being a nation that people are fighting to immigrate too. As it stands now, China is a place people run from, which could be reflected in th markets if China decides to make its global dominance to obvious too soon

interesting times ahead