Pierre Poilievre has a different kind of Following: I’m running for Prime Minister to give you back control of your life – February 6, 2022,

Pierre Poilievre has a different kind of following, currently, Pierre Poilievre has around 165,000 Youtube subscribers, which represents over 11 years of hard work. Why Pierre Poilievre is different is that he has no clickbait videos. Most YouTubers grow their channels with clickbait titles, not so with Pierre Poilievre, his following revolves around CONTENT and People sharing his videos, voluntarily,

Anyway, now that he’s likely the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, if he hasn’t done so yet, he’ll want to consider diversifying his social media presence because the tyrannical Left in Canada even found a way to label Erin O’Toole as a racist, bigot. Recently GoFundMe attempted to confiscate money directed to the “Freedom Convoy” and redistribute said money to charities of GoFundMe’s choosing, and they’re not being locked up in prison because of it, so this should give you an idea, of the Leftist tyrannical technocracy we’re living under in the modern era.

If you research this if the tyrannous the tyrannical never imagine themselves to be tyrannical, the tyrannical imagine that they’re acting on behalf of the greater good of society because after all the tyrant is the hero in their own story and people who oppose the hero are the bad people. With that said, Pierre Poilievre will be attacked relentlessly, once he becomes the leader of the Conservatives Party and the Conservative Party would be wise to make alternatives from YouTube as soon as possible.

The transition away from Big Tech is already happening, typically changes take a few years before they begin to accelerate, if we’re to be honest, Donald Trump with his addiction to Twitter really fueled their power grab, but the POLITICAL world was fine without social media. Social media didn’t even help Justin Trudeau in the 2021 election, Trudeau actually got fewer total votes in 2021 than he got in 2019 and social media was very accommodating to him.

I personally think social media is being overblown, primarily because modern politicians are heavily reliant on the stock market(pensions) and tech stocks have been holding steady. I argue the stock prices of modern tech stocks are the result of the Zero Interest Rate Policies(ZIRP) of central banks. I’ll believe the real estate prices and tech stock values are legit if they can hold their values during a NORMALIZED interest rate environment.

I’m of the belief that malinvestment via ZIRP is propping up a lot of nefarious entities, and Pierre Poilievre is the only politician I know of making this a CENTRAL THEME of his talking points. Most politicians don’t FOCUS on government debt, or the inflated real estate market, Erin O’Toole really irritated me when he talked about “protecting Canadians nest egg” which is total B.S, ZIRP is about protecting Justin Trudeau’s bad investments from Austerity Measures.

It’s almost like people have forgotten what happens during bankruptcies-malinvestments have to DIE! Bad ideas have to die, tyranny has to die, tyranny in Canada has been spreading because of ZIRP, the Federal Government is broke, its ideas are broke, but servicing the debt is extremely cheap at the moment. Justin Trudeau has borrowed more money than all the former Prime Ministers combined, an entire year of unproductive Canadians resulted in government cheques in the mail, this all happened because of ZIRP.

Of course, most Canadians don’t even think about the national debt anymore, but it’s part of the reason Pierre Poilievre is so popular. He speaks for the youth. The next election might be an election in which Pierre Poilievre merely needs to trust his gut feelings and stick to the economic message. Trudeau’s platform won’t allow him to lower the cost of living. The numbers I’ve seen along with Justin Trudeau’s current regulations on the Canadian economy, guarantee inflation will not stop.

Pierre Poilievre can merely continue to do what he’s already doing and see what happens. An “It’s the economy stupid” message should make the next election very interesting. Justin Trudeau’s war on Canadian energy and the Bank of Canada’s willingness to subsidize Trudeau’s bad investments leaves Justin Trudeau with one option which is to accelerate tyranny.

Historically when politicians destroy an economy, they take you to war, currently, there’s a build-up to war with Russia, but I don’t know if that helps Trudeau. People may actually blame Trudeau because the war happened while he was in power and inflation is happening while he’s in power. The feeling I have with Pierre Poilievre vs Trudeau is the feeling I had when Doug Ford beat Kathleen Wynne in Ontario.

Ontarians gave Kathleen Wynne so many chances to prove that she knew what she was doing, but she kept making things worse Justin Trudeau reminds me of Kathleen Wynne which would be disastrous for his legacy and the Trudeau brand. Is a Pierre Poilievre win guaranteed? No, but unlike Erin O’Toole, I suspect, Pierre Poilievre will have more than one shot at becoming the next Prime Minister.

Andrew Scher and Erin O’Toole were experiments, the Conservatives attempted to move closer to the Political Centre, based on polling data. The Conservatives won the popular vote both times, but if we’re to be honest, the Conservates are the more popular Party, Canadians are a pragmatic people, but pragmatic also equates to Canada having 4 Left Wing political parties, which have also been allowed to blossom and spread their message.

Had the Reform Party stuck around, and the Conservatives still been in existence, this concept of vote splitting, would no longer exist in 2022. The NDP, Liberals, and Greens vote split all the time. The Quebec Secessionist Party is also a vote-splitting These political Parties make their presence felt and spread their Left-Wing message. Now, for Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre might equate to dark days ahead, but this is the time for the People’s Party of Canada to stick around because Pierre Poilievre can’t be perfect, he will have to govern for ALL Canadians, leaving the door wide open for the PPC to grow sustainable support.

It has to suck for the voters of NDP and Greens to know they’re not going to win an election, but their supporters vote for them anyway? Ideas, ideas ideas, Pierre Poilievre in actuality will be bringing “Tory” ideas to the forefront again. This is a different kind of following in the modern era. The Conservatives experimented with Centrism, it’s time they bring the Party back to its roots and this is where Pierre Poilievre will make future elections in Canada very interesting.

What the future looks like for Pierre Poilievre as of today’s date is unknown, but thankfully when he wins as leader of the Conservatives, he’ll have more than a year to practice looking like the next Prime Minister of Canada, in my opinion, it’s unlikely Justin Trudeau will want to call an early election if Pierre Poilievre is his challenger.

Interesting times ahead!