Pierre Poilievre Holds All The Cards, The Conservative Party Better Coronate him: Coronation or actual race? Strategists divided over whether to hand Poilievre the Conservative leadership review (The attacks begin) – February 7, 2022,

Modern “Liberals” are getting dumber, Conservatives on the other hand are becoming more well informed. It hurts people like me to call modern Liberals Leftists, but that’s what they’ve become. Leftist politicians have bastardized the word “Liberal” how did this happen you ask? Well, Atheists tend to be supporters of destroying Religion and Liberals RIGHTFULLY challenged the merger of Church and State.

So as time progressed, Atheists who historically have been Socialists, began to find their way into the Classical Liberal circles, even if you listen to Libertarians who are derived from Classical Liberals, on certain topics such as war they sound almost identical to modern Democrats or Canadian Liberals. Nothing evolves in a straight line, and a lot of modern Conservatives in Canada aren’t “Torys” it’s just that some Canadians are trying to Conserve the Liberties and Freedoms promised to us.

When you understand the modern Conservative who is a mixture of a Classical Liberal and a Tory you understand Pierre Poilievre who managed to keep his messaging simple. Even the people who haven’t heard of Pierre Poilievre will soon grow to like him, let’s be clear, Justin Trudeau hasn’t been popular since he legalized Marihuana. The Marihuana lovers got what they could out of him and he offers Canada nothing but promises of free money, COMFORT and inflation.

When any politician is in power for a prolonged period of time, some citizens feel a sense of comfort as long as the economy doesn’t get too bad, the problem Justin Trudeau is facing moving forward is that consumer inflation is becoming a problem, and relationships tend to end if the finances are out of whack. I don’t care how handsome you are, your significant other is going to consider leaving you if their standard of living is going down under your leadership.

What have you done for me lately, is the name of the game, Stephen Harper’s blandness and unwillingness to adapt to a drug culture eager to end the war on Marihuana allowed Justin Trudeau to beat him with relative ease, but you have to also remember what else Justin Trudeau had going for him at the time. When most voters thought about climate change, rising energy prices never entered their minds, they only imagined more EVs, and Solar panels powering their homes.

Modern inflation is coming as a surprise to these fake environmentalists, who assumed the transition from fossil fuel to renewables was like switching from caffeine to decaf. As a former environmentalist, I remember going to these environmentalist events and realizing how clueless all the people were about how important fossil fuels were to our lives. During those times, I thought common sense, people would inevitably understand that the best path forward for renewables was a more diversified energy economy.

I underestimated the power of OPEC, which even back then was financing these environmental events that were targeting Western Canadian oil. For the life of me, I never thought we’d be where we are now in which there’s an actual carbon tax, that benefits China, Russia, Iran, and OPEC countries. I underestimated how easy it was to brainwash people. But here we are, and the only people who understand the economy tend to be on the Political Right.

The Leftists, for obvious reasons, still trust mainstream media news as well as social media, keeping the narrative taught to them by their thought leaders is extremely important to modern Leftists, many of whom want to CONSERVE the welfare state. So Trudeau need not worry about losing his hardcore supporters, where Pierre Poilievre poses a problem are the people who free thinkers, the independence, the people who actually care about their freedoms and liberties many of who don’t answer their phones for political surveys and don’t watch a lot of television or live on social media.

These Canadians are open to a common-sense message and common sense is where Pierre Poilievre lives. Unlike Maxime Bernier, who can come across as a bit of a radical to people who don’t understand his passion for liberty. Pierre Poilievre focuses on issues that matter and because of Justin Trudeau has actually been able to hon in on skills during periods of debate.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet have become accustomed to dodging questions, which is great if you’re a hardcore Liberal Party Supporter but makes Trudeau look like a demon if you’re an independent observing the Liberal tactics. Whenever Pierre Poilievre catches Trudeau in a lie, Trudeau completely changes the topic, this is a great debating tactic when for your base, and it works when you’re a popular politician, but will work against you if you’re no longer as popular as you once were.

When Pierre Poilievre becomes the leader of the Conservative Party, Justin Trudeau will have a few years to recreate his image and find ways to attack Pierre Poilievre at his weak points. Here’s the problem, however, Pierre Poilievre’s strength is the economy and that’s Justin Trudeau’s WEAKEST point. When the Conservative Party of Canada ran Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole, they did so because the pooling data pointed towards the economy not being a top priority for independents.

Scheer and O’Toole were used to out Trudeau, Trudeau, it didn’t work, the Conservative Party of Canada could screw over Pierre Poilievre, but as I like to point out, The People’s Party of Canada(PPC) only needs to stick around at this point. Sure at the moment, you have Conservative politicians, who left the Conservative Party of Canada pretending that Maxime Bernier hasn’t done an amazing job building the PPC, but all it takes is for a Pierre Poilievre to switch sides, and all of sudden PPC becomes a genuine threat to the Conservative Party of Canada.

Leslyn Lewis is the only other option and she’s not an economy-focused candidate, meaning that she might pivot to centre on topics Conservatives don’t want her to pivot on. Derek Sloan is gone, Jim Karahalios is gone the Conservative Party of Canada has been gutting its TRUE BLUE Conservatives, now, for a lot of Conservative voters, they don’t want to abandon ship, but if they feel like they’re going to lose the election anyway, many might throw their support behind Maxime Bernier.

This is why not only should Pierre Poilievre be the leader of the Conservative Party, but Leslyn Lewis should be the deputy Prime minister of Canada. In my head that sounds like a powerhouse. I personally think Leslyn Lewis would do well to learn from Pierre Poilievre, I personally don’t consider Chrystia Freeland a very polished politician, I’d argue she needs a voice coach. Chrystia Freeland and Andrea Horwath have the most annoying voices I’ve ever heard.

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Leslyn Lewis is an easy listen, but she’s a lawyer, now what I like about Leslyn Lewis is the type of lawyer she is, she specializes in commercial litigation, international trade practices, and she comprehends energy policy. So when I write that Leslyn Lewis and Pierre Poilievre could be a perfect match, they could revolutionize the thinking in this country.

With that said, to people who see Leslyn Lewis being a black woman as an advantage, get that backward thinking out of your mind. Leslyn Lewis will be labeled a white supremacist by the leftist media if she’s the leader of the Conservative Party. All of this black power nonsense means nothing to the Leftists, look who the prime minister is, Justin Trudeau was wearing blackface while his dad was alive and everyone in his inner circle knew about it. Trudeau got the support of a lot of black and south Asians during the 2019 and 2021 elections, humans for the most part aren’t racist, but we do call a spade a spade.

Leslyn Lewis to the leftists will be considered a white supremacist in a black body, identity politics is their method of attack, Most Leftists don’t acknowledge Margaret Thatcher, in the end, it’s not about the first woman or the first women of color, these promotional political labels are used to push the Progressive far-left agenda. So with that said, in my opinion as it stands now, Pierre Poilievre should be the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and they’d be wise to coronate him!

Coronation or actual race? Strategists divided over whether to hand Poilievre the Conservative leadership | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!