The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Pierre Poilievre Is Already Starting To Sound Like the Next Prime Minister of Canada – Freedom is on the move – February 9, 2022,

This is great practice for Pierre Poilievre, as you’ll observe, he’s already being bombarded with attacks, which will accelerate once he becomes the leader of the Conservative Party. I personally don’t think the attacks are as important as his style of governance, which will be most important moving forward. The Liberal Party playbook revolves around changing the subject, you’ll notice Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party don’t answer any questions, they change the topic and quickly change the narrative.

As the leader of the Conservatives, Pierre Poilievre will find himself faced with the same problems most Conservative leaders are faced with, which is ethics vs politics. The Conservative Party machine revolves around winning elections, true Conservatives put FREEDOM and Liberty ahead of politics and this is why some Conservative Party politicians prefer to talk less and let their ACTIONS do the talking for them.

One would expect Pierre Poilievre will get more total votes than both Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole during their respective campaigns, Pierre Poilievre will also likely win the popular vote, but this doesn’t guarantee victory over Justin Trudeau. What I liked about Pierre Poilievre in the video below, was what he didn’t say. When Doug Ford won the Provincial elections in Ontario, Doug Ford opted to say very little.

I’m of the belief Left Wingers tend to dig their own graves by talking too much, there’s no need for Conservative politicians to do the same. As I like to point out the Liberal Party of Canada is “TOP HEAVY” who replaces Justin Trudeau? Chrystia Freeland? Have you ever listened to her speak? She like most modern Liberals talks down to opposition, Trudeau, is a drama teacher and you can observe his talents when he makes speeches, most of the modern Left-Wingers in Canada have no such talents.

Which in my opinion likely results in a more bland Liberal Party in the future. With Pierre Poilievre chances are he will get two shots at beating Justin Trudeau. In the meantime now will be a good time for him to practice, being the target of constant attacks, because you better believe the mud-slinging is coming, and he’s going to want to practice dealing with it.

There’s no perfect way to do anything, he’s going to make mistakes, the good news for Pierre Poilievre is that… well… Look at Justin Trudeau, he’s about as tyrannical as it gets, but he managed to push through via his confidence in himself and his abilities to never waiver from accomplishing his goals. Yes, Justin Trudeau is an embarrassment to Canada and history won’t look at him favorably, but let’s not forget that Trudeau survived like a cockroach, as ugly as it is to observe, Trudeau survived and Conservatives would be wise to observe how Trudeau dealt with adversaries.

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