Is a scam

Well Times are hard and the sharks are out in full force. If your reading this article good job doing your research before doing dealings with a company. is one of many FAKE news websites around the internet. When these websites started popping up in early 2009 they were selling “google cash kits” now times of charged people the consumer is becoming more aware of scams and how the look and what they do. Also people are holding onto to there wallets tighter now than ever before.

Why I don’t recommend this FAKE News website

I recommend staying away for these websites in general if they were capable of scamming people before what would stop the from scamming people now. They have just evolved in my opinion and are scamming from a different angle. They still pose as fake news websites with the same FAKE message so why wouldnt they scam people. My advice is to stay away.

Also in the event they get you or to the order page where they ask for your credit card i highly recommend reading the terms and conditions usually not always the terms and conditions have the information you should know. The terms and conditions are located at the bottom of the page usually on the order form, Also you might want to check the phone numbers make sure they work. another reason i dont like these Fake news websites is because they pass around your credit card to different companies without your knowledge. there is so many horror stories around the internet with people who had there credit cards Maxed out because of these fake news websites.

Some more of My personal thoughts & Recommendations

Personally I say just away, but if you still want to try it out be careful and make sure you read all the information required make sure you educate yourself about the business. Now i don’t want to be the barer of bad news so there are legit companies out there that can help you make money online for FREE below

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3.) last but not least you can get paid to read emails this is possibly the easiest way to make money online. Although you have to pass the and get accepted there have been alot of cheaters and people not playing fair so they’ve made it more for everyone by manually accepting applications.

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