PlentyOfVisitors Review Is It a Scam

When I am presented with sites like these the first thing that comes to my mind is traffic exchange traffic, Paid to read email traffic or even Paid To Click traffic. I can’t say for sure that this is where gets it’s traffic but everything about it looks very familiar.

Targeted Traffic

i wouldn’t have a problem with these types of sites had they just said “Get Fast Traffic to your site” or something like that. But they use the word “Targeted Traffic” and in order for traffic to be targeted the customer should know at least exactly where the traffic will be coming from.

Example if you use google adwords or something simular you know your traffic will be coming from google search and google adsense if enabled you can then corner a specific market with a specific topic. To me that’s targeted traffic.

Even if you go to plenty of visitors “FAQ” page and watch the video you see that traffic is not specifically targeted it’s very broad. Well it’s broad targeting in comparison to what i am used to.

What is a Traffic Exchange

A Traffic Exchange is what it sounds like it’s a place where users go to exchange traffic.

how it works: you the customer sign up for a traffic exchange “FREE” then submit your website into the traffic exchange rotation. How you get hits back to your site is would surf other users websites for about 15 seconds per website and after you’ve surfed you would be given a credit, each credit you get gets you free hits back to your website.

Give a Try for yourself

Although personally i don’t recommend it if you are really curious maybe you should give Plenty of  Vistors a try for yourself and then document your results below. I don’t think its a good idea based on how they present themselves but then again this is only my opinion. If you really want to find out if they’re services will work for you give them a try.

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