Review Is  It a Scam

I think by just looking at Paul and his system that you can honestly say that he’s a trust worthy guy. The better question is does his system work and for myself the answer is NO. When it comes to making money online i don’t like to be dependent on others for something so general in nature. On his order page it clearly says “Our Company Can Handle ALL Your Online Marketing, Sales Calls & Training For You…While You Collect Weekly Paychecks!” I go by the teach a man to fish rule. I don’t like selling people fish because they don’t learn anything and then they become dependent on the system.

Also i am offended by this program because Paul doesn’t describe exactly what his program does?.If somebody knows please leave me a comment Although this could be the best program in the world scam alarms are ringing off in my head. My question to you Paul is what’s the big secret? why can’t you just tell me what i am paying for. All i see on his page is testimonials and salesman talk, in my past experiences what this leads me to believe is that after you order his “Plug Into Green Profits” system for $37 that there will be some kind of upsell waiting for you on the other end. saying something like now “thank you for your order but wouldn’t it be better if you became a VIP member it’s only $197 more dollars.” i’m not saying this is the case but generally this is how these things work.

Up-sell, Up-sell, Up-sell,

That’s usually how these things work especially for clickbank products. A good clickbank product will describe exactly what you are paying for, it will list what you will get in detail and then deliver that after payment.  With this product he’s trying to make it seem like he knows something you don’t… which he might but this is the world wide web buddy and there are lots of great programs out here and if you expect a seasoned internet marketer like myself to give you a good review you better give me some details about what these people are getting.

If i go to a mechanic to fix my car i have to be specific about what i want so that he can service my car properly. In this case you are selling a money making opportunity and instead of  telling these lovely people what they are getting you are choosing to sell your product with a general approach in hopes curiosity will cause people to click that payment button. It might work for some of you but won’t work with me I give honest reviews.

Paul you sound like a nice guy and i wish you all the best but to support you with a salespage like that is inviting scammers to do the same thing you are doing. The internet is information based and if you want real internet marketers to buy in then you better be descriptive with what it is you are selling. No the less Plug Into Green Profits is a click bank product and does come with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you want to try it go ahead but i can see allot of refunds of this product so i won’t be using my affiliate link. Best wishes to all of you.