Plum Island Silver of is a drop shipping company that offers 3 types of membership: Standard, Advanced, and Pro. Regardless of membership plan, signing up at is 100% free. The only things that you need to pay are the shipping fee and image license fee.

By choosing the Standard membership, you’ll be charged with $10 for a 6-month license on product images. The Advanced membership, on the other hand, will require you to pay $25 for the 6-month image license but then you’ll get an XLS data feed with real time price and stock information. You’ll also be receiving a discount of $0.25 for additional deliveries if you’re able to ship more than 200 packages in a given month. Lastly, the Pro membership will require you to pay $50 for a 6-month image license but you’ll have $0.50 discount whenever you ship more than 300 packages per month.

More about

Plum Island Silver specializes on jewelry – from silver to precious stones. Their items are grouped into 17 categories. Every product category has an extensive selection of items and so there’s an impressive number of sub-categories for each.

Items in are represented by thumbnail images. When clicked, these images  will reveal product details like wholesale and retail prices, price, related products, and product ratings. Tabs in the site are helpful in adding the product in your cart, adding the item in your wish list and even in emailing product details to a friend.

Final thoughts on

In general, is a good drop ship website especially if you’re an online seller of jewelries and other similar items. It’s also a good thing that its website is very organized, making it easy to navigate and use. The only thing to be wary about is the site’s additional fees which they usually require for shipping and image license.

The dropshipping source I use can be found below. I’m an actual successful member so if you need help you can simply email me or email them.

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