Review Is It a Scam

Another day another Penny action website, It seems as though a different penny auction arises every single day with a new name. As soon as one shuts down two more pop up. compared to other Penny auction websites i’ve seen actually has lower bid prices which makes some people wonder if they’re using bots. I’m personally not a fan of penny auction websites. Unlike most people who write reviews about penny auction websites i’m not here to refer you to my favorite Penny auction website instead I will inform you how these penny auction websites work from my perspective.

Non Refundable Credits

There’s a few things to know about penny auction websites. The first thing is that the Penny Auction website is the owner of the goods being auctioned off. Unlike eBay or Amazon where there are different vendors selling items, Penny Auctions are like online stores with a marketing gimmick. The marketing gimmick is the auction they place items on their website for cheap and make it appear to the consumer that it’s real easy to win. That being said the consumer will usually purchase a bid pack.

In the case of used credits can be used towards the retail “buying it now” price. Which should make the marketing plan of more transparent to people. In any auction website remember there can only be one winner. There are way more losers than winners in Penny auction websites. That being said lets do some quick  math although the price of a desired item only increases by a penny the amount spent by a user is actually in the case of 0.50. That being said all a person has to do is watch the amount of bids being placed to understand the amount of money a penny auction website makes.

Is This Fair To the Consumer

If you go into a penny auction website with the same mentality you would a casino which is basically to just have fun then give a try. Otherwise don’t waste your money or don’t waste your time. Did you know if you are winning to much at a casino the owners of the casino can tell you to leave… Well the same thing goes for penny auction websites the owners of the penny auctions have full control over of their website. They can shut it down when they want they can re-open it using another name if they want.

I personally feel as though penny auction websites make sense only if you’re the one who owns it. Penny auction websites are both costly and time consuming so if you’re going to sign up my advice is to do it because you want to have fun.  I don’t feel as though penny auctions are in anyway fair to consumers. I think the idea in itself is a good idea for the owners, but i would personally never join one as a member, if i am going to gamble it will be for money not for electronics or gift cards? on that note if you want to sign up for don’t let me stop you just don’t say i didn’t warn you my advice is don’t get involved.

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