What’s the Point of CMHC? Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Federal Government Promise to steal $120 million from Productive Canadians and transfer it to Private corporations to build affordable housing in Brampton – July 19, 2021,

So it appears an election is approaching quickly and I personally think Justin Trudeau may lose seats in Quebec, so it’s only natural that he would target his vote-buying to Ontario. Politicians have been doing this for thousands of years, the Bank of Canada has basically bought all of Trudeau’s debts, and most of Trudeau’s spending sprees more than likely will not yield positive returns as Trudeau has also increased regulations on the Private Sector.

Financials aside, a large enough percentage of Canadian voters are financially illiterate and love the Canadian Welfare State, but this move by Trudeau again comes back to my problem with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC)? Like really what’s the point of the CMHC? Poor WORKING CLASS wage-earning Canadians can’t qualify for STARTER homes in many instances, and people on Welfare are growing so much that now Justin Trudeau’s people have told Trudeau to include this in his campaign promise?

CHC is apparently profitable and should be sold off if you ask me, at the very least it could pay for Justin Trudeau’s silly spending sprees. If CMHC wasn’t insuring mortgages and the Bank of Canada still had rates near zero at the very least retail banks would be more responsible for a potential crash than exists today.

Because of the CMHC, the taxpayers are on the hook if the housing market crashes and as I like to point out, a lot of people who are real estate investors, don’t pay taxes, because they’re in debt and don’t have any income. The Canadian government has also sold of its Gold reserves, so in the event, there’s a global reset and Gold even if it’s temporary is repatriated globally, Canada is in a very bad position.

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day, anyone dumb enough to vote for Justin Trudeau, or anyone dumb enough not to be preparing for a potential market crash deserves everything that’s coming to them. All the warning signs of an economic collapse are present, this is not to say a crash will come tomorrow or even in the next decade, but you better believe if this economy holds up Canadian dollar fiat price inflation is inevitable.

Feds pour $120 million into affordable housing in Brampton; 300 families moving in | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!