Politicians vs. The Proletariat: Quebec health ministers draw a line in the sand, healthcare workers either get vaccinated or be suspended without pay – October 13, 2021,

I like to point out how easily brainwashed people are in the modern era. If you’re doing all the heavy lifting, while some politician or government Hack barks out orders, who really has the power? Most people will assume the politician has the power, but even during slavery, there were many slave rebellions that actually cost the Crown more than historical data shows.

Prior to Capitalism, slavery was actually hindering human progress, having a market of ideas or a market of how to solve problems often helps more than hinders, it’s usually when a so-called leader looking to show their might draws a line in the sand that unanticipated events start occurring. The slaves don’t have to physically go to war with the master, they can simply become less efficient, training a slave isn’t easy and replacing a Health Care worker is even more difficult.


After everything Quebec Health Care workers did to make the Quebec health ministers look good, they’re rewarded with a mandate that basically says “what have you done for me lately, get the jab”. Maybe this fear tactic will work but there always comes a time when fear tactics stop working, what the Quebec health ministers are engaging in is what I call lazy negotiations.

Do this or else? Nurses Health care professionals aren’t exactly interchangeable, I know a lot of people who went to school to become a nurse who opted not to practice Nursing. Any idiot can become a politician, it takes a special person to work in health care. If Quebec Health Care professionals dare to be stubborn things could get interesting.

Quebec health minister won’t budge on Friday’s vaccine deadline for health-care workers | CBC

Interesting times ahead