Politics in The Canadian and U.S Military Destroying Morale: Sometimes Shrinking The Public Sector Comes in unusual ways – July 16, 2021,

So leftist politics is all about controlling freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of everything, Leftistm sucks the fun out of any human encounter. Because the private sector, for the most part, does whatever the government tells it to do, the Leftists are running out of enemies to destroy, so now they’re attacking Western law enforcement as well as Western Militaries.

In Western societies, the only public servants that we need are the police(domestic) and the military(federal) all other public servants and a lot of public services could be replaced either via the private sector or by volunteers as they were in the past. In fact, if most Canadians could have their right to bear arms, the military itself could be voluntary.

I’d volunteer for the Canadian military had it not been for all of these silly rules and regulations, I’d personally be a part of federal and local law enforcement. My issue with Canada is the Welfare State which is driving a lot of this political division.

So recently in Canada since 2016 there have been more than 700 sexual assault reports. Now, one of the reasons I believe this is happening is because most of THE GOOD Canadian men don’t want to join the Canadian military. The same is true in the United States, I personally would never want to put my, my son’s o daughters lives on the line for Justin Trudeau or for a problem Justin Trudeau caused, in America, I’m sure only a small percent of Americans would put their lives on the line for Joe Biden or a problem Joe Biden caused.

What ends up happening when the military is politicized is that it attracts the wrong types of people. Leftists are usually the only group of people that love politics, the rest of us hate politics, only a fraction of Canadians even vote. So when I read stories like the one below, it shows me that end is near.

When Leftists who don’t know that their thought leaders have their own agenda, imagine the Canadian military, they imagine all the people in the military as being replaceable. A leftist will scream and shout fire him or fire her and replace them with someone better. But someone better is usually someone smarter who while being interviewed to join the military will also be interviewing the interviewer.

Humans aren’t perfect and in life, there are only tradeoffs, now that the media is pushing this leftwing narrative that Military people are sexually assaulting each other, what happens next is that people interested in joining the military, will begin to ask the question “Define Sexual assault, or “define sexual misconduct” and/or “am I guilty until proven innocent”, which from an economics perspective equates to if someone claims that “sexually wronged them how can I defend myself?” Am I suspended without pay, Am I automatically labeled as disgraced, will the media follow me and my family around?

All sorts of ideas will float around a smart person’s mind prior to joining the military and in that atmosphere, as Canadians, we will be lucky to get the best and brightest to join the military. Now, because it’s fashionable to bash white men, it’s almost a certainty that Canada’s best and brightest white men, might not be joining the military in the future.

How does the military look in the future? I’m not sure, but this is nothing new, Mercenaries are nothing new, Leftists destroy everything of value, and one-day society stops listening to them. But in the meantime, while they’re in power, remember the economic consequences of their stupidity, because the rebuilding stage is all about preventing stupidity in the new republic.

America an improvement of prior dumb ideas of prior democratic empires, but even the U.S constitution can be improved upon as Canada. Although I hope this Canadian experiment survives the test of time, it’s important to remember the economic history of what went wrong, when the Canadian economy and social fabric disintegrates. If a person were to ask me what went wrong, I’d say the government got too big.

The Canadian military could be viewed as mercenaries, all Canadians should be willing to volunteer for war if war is declared on us. Now, that people are being paid a salary to be in the military and more money can be thrown at solving what some consider to be a systematic problem, the media, as well as politicians, can find a means to throw money at a problem that I’ll argue doesn’t need to exist. If there was no money to be gotten from joining the military a different type of Canadian would join!

Now, I’d like to remind the reader that even when you’re volunteering for something, you still need to be vetted. It’s not to say we wouldn’t have a government agency vetting military personnel, but the government would be far smaller than it is now, which disincentivizes the profit motive that exists now. The larger the government, the larger the welfare state, I can only imagine the morale of the average person in the Canadian military.

The Canadian military has received more than 700 sexual assault reports since 2016: data | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!