According to Poll NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Might Help Erin O’Toole Win a Potential 2021 Canadian Election – July 21, 2021,

Both Liberal and Conservative support remains solid, however, the NDP might benefit from Turmoil in the Green Party. Most Polls in Canada typically lean towards a Liberal victory, Justin Trudeau actually lost the popular vote during the last election and I suspect the same will happen during this election.

Legal action underway related to Greens’ internal turmoil, Annamie Paul: Party |

Erin O’Toole, in my opinion, might shock a lot of people, it’s not like if Erin O’Toole won he’d have much of an effect anyway chances are if Erin O’Toole wins, all the Leftist Parties in Canada will form a coalition against Erin O’Toole. Even if this backfires it could take a few years.

I personally don’t participate in polls, usually, Leftists participate in polls because a lot of them don’t have jobs. So when I read the data provided below, I suspect that the NDP will be the beneficiary of the problems happening in the Green Party which could become extremely problematic for the Liberals. Because you have to remember that a lot of Canadians on the Left don’t support Justin Trudeau and if they don’t feel threatened by Erin O’Toole, they’ll more than likely vote with their Leftist conscience for Jagmeet Singh.

Whether Conservatives like Erin O’Toole or not, they’ll vote for him, because Justin Trudeau for the most part has made their lives a living hell. Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada may be able to win a seat and have no effect on the Conservative Party. Most of the people who vote for the People’s Party of Canada, don’t usually vote and are mostly confined to the internet.

With that said, most Canadians aren’t on the internet and will vote based on their past history of voting. With that said, although the article below points to Erin O’Toole losing seats because of Jagmeet Singh, I actually think Jagmeet Singh could be a problem for Justin Trudeau because under Trudeau, you have to remember that support for the Bloc is strong and it’s unlikely that Jagmeet Singh and NDP will take away Bloc support which has been delivering tangibles for Quebecors.

Jagmeet Singh would be a threat, to Quebec nationalism, because the NDP like most socialists have an obsession with growing the Federal Government, Quebecors see this as threat to their sovereignty, but Justin Trudeau is for open borders, so in this regard, I don’t see either Justin Trudeau or Jagmeet Singh gaining any seats in Quebec, Justin Trudeau has no chance out West, whereas Jagmeet Singh does have a shot out West and Ontario is a toss-up.

The Greens Party loss is Jagmeet Singh’s gain and these votes could become very problematic for the Liberals, which may inadvertently help Erin O’Toole!

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Interesting times ahead!