Polls Show Justin Trudeau Can’t Win a Majority: According to Leger market research Justin Trudeau slightly favoured over Pierre Poilievre for prime minister – September 20, 2022,

According to Leger, which is the largest Canadian-owned, market research and analytics company Justin Trudeau will beat Pierre Poilievre in a general election, but not by much and that makes one curious because the prior leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Erin O’Toole, won the popular vote? Erin O’Toole wasn’t very popular amongst Conservative circles, whereas Pierre Poilievre is; Justin Trudeau hasn’t been POPULAR since 2015 when he legalized Pot.

According to the information provided in the article below, Jagmeet Singh is making gains on Trudeau, which could be true when taking a poll from the comfort of your home, but when it comes to a general election, it’s hard for me to imagine, that a lot of these NDP voters won’t vote for Trudeau in fear Poilievre might win?

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Because Poilievre has strong support, I would suspect Trudeau would be targeting NDP supporters in the next election, so for me, that’s what I think would lead to Justin Trudeau winning a MINORITY government. Regardless of how we get there, I assume Poilievre will be harder to beat than O’Toole was, will Poilievre be a repeat of Andrew Scheer, who also beat Trudeau in the popular vote, by a wider margin than O’Toole? I’m not sure, but this polling data suggests that Trudeau shouldn’t have a snap election as it could see him losing seats.

What this poll also does is that it puts Trudeau in a position to completely ignore Jagmeet Singhs’ demands; obviously, Trudeau shouldn’t completely ignore Jagmeet Singh, but he could string him along because the evidence suggests the NDP has NO path to victory and, at best would have to form another coalition with the Liberals if Pierre Poilievre manages to beat Trudeau and form a minority government.

From a strategic point of view, Trudeau has just entered the driver’s seat and would be wise to play cat and mouse with Jagmeet until 2025. Do I suspect most of the people taking the polls are Left-leaning? Sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s not accurate; in my mind, I imagine Pierre Poilievre winning a majority, but that could be wishful thinking on my part.

The reality might be that Canadians have become accustomed to free cash giveaways and may indeed be waiting for more cash giveaways in the future. Now, obviously, my position on the Canadian economy stems from consumer price inflation running rampant, and Trudeau’s spending will make things worsen. Still, a lot of Left Wing countries put a lot of faith in Left Wing governments. History shows that economic problems under left-wing leadership tend to get a lot worse because left-wing voters believe in magic-money-tree economics.

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What is Money Magic Tree Economics?

Money magic tree economics is the belief that the government should spend and REGULATE its way out of an economic downturn, which is what Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau are doing right now. Consumer price inflation differs from Asset Price inflation in that you can’t borrow against consumer price inflation, even if you’re a business, consumer price inflation might not benefit your margins.


As everyone with common sense knows, the war on fossil fuels is directly responsible for consumer price inflation, but if you’re a Trudeau or Singh supporter, you can ignore the obvious and imagine that consumer price inflation is this conspiracy by the rich to steal money from the working poor and people dependent on government handouts?

Sure, the root cause of consumer price inflation is obvious to people who will vote for Pierre Poilievre, but are they enough to beat Justin Trudeau? I don’t have the answer to that question; all I know is history is quite clear with economic downturns; Franklin D. Roosevelt(FDR), a U.S President I call one of the worst in U.S history, won in a LANDSLIDE even though his economic policies were DISASTROUS!

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During that period, the VOTING PUBLIC wanted free stuff, and FDR promised to deliver it to them with the “New Deal”, the New Deal was so bad that the U.S had to default on its debt obligations TWICE; the world is now on a fiat monetary system because Social Security is BANKRUPT! But you see, the CONFIDENCE in the modern monetary system is still strong, and so long as the confidence in the modern monetary system remains high, governments can continue to increase their debts BUT… as Canadians are noticing, shortages are becoming NORMALIZED.

What many people forget about the great depression were the SHORTAGES of things. There were SHORTAGES of all sorts of things during the Great Depression, shortages of food, labor, and housing; SHORTAGES are what Left Wingers are known for creating, and shortages are becoming the NORM in Canada, so I do not assume Pierre Poilievre will win easily, I don’t know, the polling data is what it is.

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What I do know is that it’s unlikely Trudeau will win a majority, and because he likely knows he can’t win a majority, he’s in a position to push around Jagmeet Singh, but you know in a respectful manner, not to offend the NDP leader.

Justin Trudeau slightly favoured over Pierre Poilievre for prime minister: new poll | citynews.ca

Interesting times ahead!