Is Pop Under Advertising Right for Your Website

The issue of pop under advertising is a subject I love to talk about mainly because of the phenomenal story attached to it. I want to also get into this story so people understand why this and a few other companies became so successful. is the number one success story once you get into the topic of pop under advertising if you’ve never heard about you might want to “Wikipedia it”. The one thing people don’t seem to understand about is the fact that they were everywhere they were getting millions upon millions of pop under hits. That’s why they were so successful this is what seems to fly over the average person’s head.

It’s impossible to call pop under traffic Targeted

To make this portion of this post easy to understand anyone reading this should be familiar with, basically buy and sell ads is a website where webmasters sell a portion of their website for set a price. Now the key thing to understand with this website is that if you want people to pay you good money for space on your website you better have a steady amount of traffic coming to your website. This is basically where pop under traffic comes into play – the people who don’t qualify for and can’t get or keep an AdSense account because of the types of traffic they receive tend to get into pop under traffic.

Basically Pop under traffic is bottom of the barrel Web Traffic

If you signed up to a pop under Traffic Company don’t expect much put yourself in the mind set of your customers. Let’s use for an example an online gaming website; what do people typically do when they reach an online gaming website with a pop under? They usually delete it the instant they realize it’s there. Another thing I’d like to point out is that most of the pop under companies don’t allow music or videos from their pop under advertisers. This brings me to the main reason why people use pop under traffic

Set it and forget it Web Traffic

You get what you pay for, back in the day a company called Adminder was one of the biggest players in the pop under and pop up web traffic industry basically because people thought they couldn’t do any better but now with the emergence of so many pay per click type companies pop under advertising has sort of been shoved under the rug and now you can find companies offering pop under advertising for as little as $2 for 1000 page views. Now the thing to understand here is most people won’t see any results with 1000 page views.

Again was receiving millions of pop under hits DAILY that’s how they got so popular overnight, this is due in large part to the fact that pop under traffic is not popular and also doesn’t convert very well. The reason was able to make so much money and gain so much popularity so quickly was because millions of people were seeing their website on a daily basis. Personally I recommend avoiding pop under traffic but don’t let my opinion stop you from trying it.

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