Post Leftism a brief glimpse into the world without Leftist Liberal Politics – May 29, 2020

I’ve personally become wealthy not because I chase money but because I accumulate assets. An asset is only as good as the types of customers/people it attracts. As wealth is accumulated via the value an asset brings society as a whole is better.

The standard of living in America is far better than the standard of living in Argentina! Per capita, Argentina has far more White Europeans than does America, what makes Argentina poor is not the color of the peoples’ skin it’s their accepted political philosophy. This idea that the free market is evil and the Government will fairly redistribute MONEY is the main cause of Argentinas poverty.

Money is often hyper-inflated in Argentina as it should be in America, the difference is America revolves around accumulating assets, whereas Argentina accumulates money, an asset is not the money an asset is the government policy and when you look at governmental policies in the United States, most of the poverty is caused by the Leftist, Liberal Democrat Party, who similar to Argentina prefers more cash over the accumulation of assets.

Leftists believe in throwing money at problems whereas right-wingers believe in adding value to existing things. Adding value, might give you no upfront cash, but it may cause others who notice your added value as art to throw money at you in return for a slice of what you’ve built.

Now, the Leftists when they notice value-added want to merge that added value with the government, Leftists when they see added value want to confiscate or Nationalise added value, if Leftists can’t nationalize, they overly regulate added value in the hope they can suck the blood of the added value to quench their thirst.

I personally don’t see any way to stop Leftism from spreading, what I do see in the future are new nations being built that might be built similar to a Monarchy in which property rights are first and foremost and the laws regarding property rights are sound, a society in which the role of government will be extremely small and the population extremely educated about freedom.

I think technology is getting us closer and closer to a society without Leftists and oddly enough I think clean energies like Nuclear energy might get us there. Technology is not a friend of Leftists, it’s actually their worst nightmare, because as human becomes more self-sufficient the need for government shrinks.

I actually think COVID-19 is a reminder to people on the right how useless government is, government employees, working from home, I mean really think about that for a moment? These government people weren’t even missed, people barely noticed, yet they want to rule over us? It’s a reality that even the nicest Conservatives will face in the not so instant future.

Leftists aren’t holding back the prosperity of humanity and technology actually equates to humans needing less space to do more. There are a lot of small nations already in existence that is almost self-sufficient. There comes a time when you leave that annoying part of your family behind!

I’m writing this in a time when Democrats in America are being proven time and time again to simply be horrible leaders. Recently a black man by the name of George Floyd was killed at the hands of a police officer who wasn’t a good representative of the police force.

Now, that was bad enough, but what was worse was the police response to what happened. Now in a Republic, everything revolves around the rule of law, in the Republican States, it’s not that common for things to get this out of hand, however in a flaky Democracy, the rule of law revolves around trends, so the Democrat Party will often based their leadership on Democracy, meaning their leaders will try to figure out the mood of the city and base their reactions on the feedback they get from the people.

In a nutshell that’s why the Minneapolis riots happened. Now, to show you the stupidity of the leadership in Minneapolis, instead of them locking up the officer even for precautionary reasons, they Minneapolis police department instead decided to get I believe it was 70 police officers to guard the officers’ house? This all happened by the way as the city of Minneapolis BURNED!

Because Democrats see economics as secondary, the assumption by their leadership I assume was we can rebuild, let’s make sure we make a political statement. With Leftists, because they place economics as a secondary issue, their central theme is controlling the political narrative. They must appear o be in control on television, they must minimize the cost of damages and try to heal the nation with sweet songs and sweet words, this is Leftism in a nutshell, sweet words of hope and change IN THE FUTURE!

kICK THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD is the Democrat and Leftist way, whereas with Conservatives and people on the right know the importance of adding value to people’s lives. Nobody cares what I have to say when they’re hungry or bored! People want prosperity that they’ll take for granted, that’s how this works, the standard of living in America and in other western nations is far better than most Americans understand, but they don’t appreciate it, because their constantly bombarded with Leftists telling them that they’re being exploited.

I still don’t understand how anyone who receives welfare or enjoys a higher standard of living can feel like they’re being exploited, but they do, because they’ve been force-fed a narrative of victimhood. Anyway, at some point those of us on the Right get tired and stop trying to save these people, and here is the thing with Right-wingers, once we begin building for ourselves, we stop talking and start testing.

I often talk about what Bitcoin did right, Bitcoiners the crypto-community hates central banking, so instead of complaining the built their own platform and now they’re growing it and fine-tuning it, now even if Bitcoin fails, the idea is there now, the idea that money can be whatever people want it to be is there now and what the focus is on with blockchain is fine-tuning!

Fine-tuning is opposite to complaining, fine-tuning means eventually the current establishment is simply in the way of progress, which means the third eye in a large portion of society starts to simply disconnect with the ruling establishments, this is how new societies are formed and brain-drains happen.

This ends my post on a glimpse of the world post-Leftist, a world without Liberal Leftist Politics!

Interesting times ahead!