Ad Posting Rules for Authors

If you choose to be an author at you must abide by the rules listed below. This blog is a Private Blog I allow you privileges to write ads my rules are basic anything written on must be in English, must be family friendly, must not contain any porn or anything illegal or anything that violates googles terms and conditions. I want this Blog to be fun and informative for all

Banned Advertisements

* No Offensive Content,
* NO A D U L T, P O R N,
* Warez or any attempt to defraud
* No spam software may be advertised.
* No Pyramid programs or Matrix programs, MLM’s are allowed but in the should inform the reader that there is risk involved
* No HYPS.
* No Gambling sites or Casinos.
* No promotions that involve unlicensed use of materials
protected by copyright or trademark law.
* Do not make your Ads look like Admin posts or ads or make
the reader believe you own this blog.

You also agree that all promotions will be fully compliant with federal and state laws, including US federal and state laws regarding network abuse, unsolicited messaging, and FTC Advertising Rules and Disclosure Rule.


You may NOT write articles that repeat lines that say “CLICK HERE” over and over and over just to take up space on the BLOG. Your add can not affect the normal template size of our site. Any post must fit in the size of the area we provide. No URLS may be so long as to affect the width of the Advertising Area. No images may be so wide as to affect the width of the Advertising Area.

All images must point to a live image on a working website or must be uploaded to our server (read here how to do this). If you have an Ad that has no image showing where it should, it will be removed. This is usually caused by a novice pointing an image to your local drive on Your PC, when designing your Ad on your desktop.

Incorrect URL for image:
file:/ //C:/directory%/images/banner.jpg

Correct URL for image

NO Java scripts
NO DHTML (Dynamic Html)
NO Pop Up Code

Do not under any circumstance save Your Ads in more than two categories (of course the categories must be related to the Ad), or Your Ad will be DELETED! and if repeated your account terminated

Do not post the same ad more than ONCE. We will not tolerate SPAM!!!

Ending Summary

Write your best ethical work to help others and help others in there purchasing decisions otherwise DO NOT sign up. Thank you!